mcWeb [A Mini Web ui for your Minecraft Server!]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by resba, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Update (5/1/11): I'm pulling this out of the ashes and beginning work on it again.

    It's just an idea that is partially working right now, seeing as I've coded half of it I would like a general input on if this could be beneficial, seeing as I run servers myself I thought mabey it beneficial, but I'd like to see what people who are not me think :p

    mcWeb, in a sense it's all of exactly what it is. mcWeb is a Web UI that has two parts to it:

    1. Frontend
      1. Contains things such as a Server Name, Server Address, Port Number, Player Slots (Currently Used/Maximum Allotted), Website for the server, and contact e-mail
      2. Shows a list of people who are in the "admins" group
      3. Shows a list of people who are in the "mods" group
      4. Shows a collapsible bans list (Currently in the Backend there is a option for an MCBans iFrame to be shown OR a readout of the bans file on the local server)
      5. Announcement line that can be changed in the Backend by an administrator
      6. Comments Block for users to comment on the server
    2. Backend
      1. Separate Login from Minecraft into Backend (passwords are encrypted in OpenFlame (see: (thanks Obsidian ^_^)) and stored in a MySQL Database)
      2. Backend shows the same readout that you would see in the frontend EXCEPT the Comments block
      3. Shows a list of administrative options. From Managing groups on the server to users to kits to properties, etc.
      4. Also there is the general configuration for the mod itself, such as editing the Server Name, Address, Port, etc
      5. Of course, there is also an editor for the people that can actually access the backend (they're not automatically added from any sort of connection to the Mod's usertable)
      6. Finally, there is a section where the announcement line can be changed and comments can be deleted.
      7. (If I missed anything i'll update it posthaste)
    This is a half-idea because quite literally half of this is sitting, coded already! I'll upload screenshots of the UI later tonight...


    Public to-do list

    So, what do you think?
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    I think this sounds awesome :)
  3. plugin management would be good also, espcially if you can plug into the upcoming repositry
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    Seems like a clever idea I'm sure many people would use and appreciate it.
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    Eventually I'd like to get it where plugins can design forms for the system...

    EDIT: Or make some sort of template that dynamically follows what options CAN be changed in the plugin.
  6. Ooo i like that idea
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    Awesome, I am so going to use this!
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    Do you have a live demo? Need a Guinea pig? I am running Xampp on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. PM me if you want.

    Will there be access to the chat logs? (and you can type in server commands?)
  9. This Sounds nice.
    Has been Mentioned, Plugin Support for it would be nice to have with it too.
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    Oh what about stop start and restart? Another idea.
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    General Note: I hate having no laptop, because typing on a iPod sucks.

    That is a great idea and I'd love to do it, however that seems very McMyAdmin, and that is a separate server wrapper in and of itself... The general purpose of this is like a status page that you would host on either your server OR running off a hosting company, but I'll see what I can do, because that would be an amazing add-on. Won't come in initial release, but will come in the future hopefully!
    Essentially, it'd be equivalent to modifying the plugins= line of a hey0 file, but I will make it my mission to get extra plugin support!
    Same problem as before, but I will write it down.

    Keep em coming! The more ideas the better!
    More McMyAdmin =w=

    Right now this puppy is half-coded, and seeing as I'm getting a lot of feedback I'm going to finish coding it for initial release(hopefully I will have an idea of what the MySQL Tables for the Bukkit mod are because I've looked everywhere and can't find it :/)
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    This sounds awesome. I'd use this once it's done.
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    please make it for WINDOWS as well :p I hate when people only release plugins and tutorials for linux (not hating it, but no use for me) and stating its only Linux compatible.
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    Your going to love this: I am a professional web developer by trade and everything I do is platform independent. Meaning, anything I develop that will work on Linux/Mac will work just as fantastic on Windows!
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    Whew. lol
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    If anything, you'd really have to only have knowledge in php and mysql to develop plugin setting pages, other than that it's extremely straight foward
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    md5 password encryption?

    You're kidding, right?
    The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has declared md5 to be cryptographically broken due to its weakness to collision attacks - it should not be used for password hashing (unsalted passwords, nonetheless) under any circumstances.
    Try an actual password hashing library instead.

    Myself and other OpenFlame development team members recently modified the public-domain phpass password hashing library (which is used by Drupal, phpBB, and other large projects for password hashing) to use sha512 instead of the md5 base; it's an extremely strong hash, and tough to crack.

    Usage example in here:

    It'll be a lot more secure in the end than simply an md5 checksum of a password.

    Also be warned that the password hash that is output is a bit long, due to sha512 being used. IIRC, it's around seventy to eighty characters at least.
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  18. In bukkit there is no plugins= it just loads whatever is in the plugins dir
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    Ah, thanks for that! Now I know what to expect.
    Thanks man, I really appreciate that, I hope you don't mind if I use it for the UI (Credit will be given, of course :D) And the fact that its non-modified cousin is used by other applications using PHP and MySQL lets me know that I can hook it up to the current authentication system I have right now.

    General Note: I'll be open sourcing this after first release on GitHub, before that I actually need to get the frame up and running @w@
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    Looks interesting.. We will be keeping an out for an initial release and give it a whirl.
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    We don't mind at all -- it's part of a framework for web applications, we expect people to use it at will.

    Just mind the license. It's licensed under the MIT license, which is extremely permissive.
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    Ok thank you, I will keep that in mind.

    Update: Added GitHub (Learned how to use the damn thing finally >_>) repository, blank now but will begin filling soon.
    Added public to-do list so you can see what I have up my sleeve. look in main post

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    I'm pulling this out of the ashes, dusting it off, and starting work on it. Unfortunatly the plugin I went to work on halted in momentum so I'm falling back to this.
    Yes it will, hopefully I can figure out how i'm going to do it.
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    umm were is the link to downlaod if no downlaod pls pm me when its done
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