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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Hidendra, May 25, 2012.

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    One feature I would find useful would be to either choose the colors or at least be able to "sync" colors that have the same headings. I have two custom line graphs that use the same legend but different data and the colors are all different.

    Another thing, for Line and Area graphs, Yellow seriously needs to be removed. You can't read yellow text on a white background in the legend.

    Also, while on the color issues, I've noticed between multiple plugins, the colors are inconsistent even on the main graph & signature image graph. One of my plugins Players is blue and Servers is green, and on another they are inverted which is kinda hard to follow.

    Anyway, don't know if your graphing lib actually allows any of that but if it does, it would be nice.
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    These should be hopefully streamlined soon and be available for ANY Area, Line, and Pie graph. Maybe a couple other types too but those 3 cover most graphs. I'm still playing with the composition and other things so it's not on the main site yet. Some examples:


    While those graphs actually work, there are graphs that don't do so well:

    (numbers go off the edge, but that isn't too bad. I can just convert millions to ##M and so on for the image)
    (many columns lol)

    Lastly, the differences between the current signature & no borders/branding should become a lot smaller. For example, LWC's Global Stats image from above in no borders format:


    Having the charting software draw the labels w/ arrows leads to interesting results so I've opted for the above solution for now... Otherwise, it is automatically using almost exactly the same rotation as most of the on-site graphs, which is amazing!

    The javascript graph library I use (Highcharts) lets you specify an array of colours that are used. It appears to just choose them in a round-robin fashion as it's adding in plots. Consistency is definitely something that can be worked on (even if I need to hack up the graphing lib). 100% consistency between the on-site graphs and the png images is difficult to guarantee but in the current images I've made changes to hopefully help keep them as close as possible (though graphs with many columns usually use a different colour combo...)

    w.r.t keeping colours the same for same-name columns, what do you think of using the hash of a column name to select the colour on the client? It could of course lead to columns using the same colour so I guess there'd be a need for some interesting way around that or creating a new schema of colours that is much larger than right now (9 at the moment). Graphs are treated entirely separately when generated on the page so it wouldn't really be feasible to check other graphs at generation time that way.

    Unreadable Yellow: I've replaced the two yellows (bright and goldish) with a somewhat dark pink and gray :)
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    That is awesome... I cannot wait!

    And yes, if there is a way for us to specify thousands/millions/billions and beyond, that would be great. I plan on tracking the bandwidth that my plugin/mod will be using (and only my plugin), so the numbers will be quite high.

    And all of your other changes are great! I'll be watching...
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    Ok, well it's definitely not the end of the world if it's a lot of trouble, I'd hate to make you go through all that for something so trivial.

    Wonderful! It looks perfect now. This is definitely a big improvement. The gold was actually ok I think, it was the two yellows that just couldn't be seen at all.
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    Would it be possible to use graph data to display an average count? So not adding numbers up, but say: On average, there are 50 Players per server for example... At best in an area-graph with min avg and max...
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    avg, min, and max data is actually already stored internally in the DB :). It's just not graphed yet (and is seriously a long time coming) so it's something I definitely want to get plottable on graphs
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    For example, if i want to save the time my plugin needs to start up, is doing tasks etc., how should i do it? can i have one graph, distincting every time by a string and i get the average on it?
    so that i have the data ready when the feature is there :)
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    And regarding stats being stored on the server... custom stats are not stored, correct? Looks like it's all real time information that comes from the server and not saved in any way. Because of that, I've had to store the stats server side (so that it'll increment), then from there send that back over to the MCStats server. The only problem with this, is that if the server admin deletes the information server side, well, then the stats shown on MCStats wouldn't be 100% accurate.

    Anyways, cant wait for the new sigs! :D
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    when i try to login, get i redirected to the login page. I get this message;
    You have now been logged in. If you are not automatically redirected, click
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    I'm having the same problem.
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    Hey Hidendra, are there issues with signing onto the Admin page? Just need to update my plugins and it keeps taking me back to the same signon page.

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    I'm having the same issue. I'm attempting to add my plugin to McStats, but I'm just being redirected to the login page.

    I had this issue about a week ago, and then it was working at one point.
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    Yep, same problem here for several weeks now. I guess I'll jump on irc to see what no one is talking about :D

    What browser are you using? However, I don't think its a browser issue. I'm thinking he disabled it while he's working on it.
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    I tried in Chrome (and Incognito) and Internet Explorer. You could try in Firefox, but I don't think it's a browser specific issue.
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    Just a heads up - I was able to get into the panel, just now.
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    same here, looks like it might be fixed.
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    I still cannot login (same issue as above). I created an account, and could not log back in since.
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    I can log in again, but it would seem that new custom graphs aren't immediately populating.
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    I cannot login, same than others
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    Still cant login....
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    Me neither, I've e-mailed him and pmed him on bukkit dev (and messaged on twitter) about this :p

    Hopefully he responds back, he was last seen 2 days ago on github
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    Any update?
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    Now its working again
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    I'd love to hear if the signature images are still being worked on. I believe that feature alone will one of the most use feature...
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    I've been waiting for my plugin to go under my ownership but its been nearly 3 months now. Do they normally take this long?
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    Hey guys. I've had about 5 servers submitting data for about a month now. In the admin panel, I can see my graph, but there still isn't any data... I've added a log on my Plotter getValue so I know it's returning valid data. Anyone know why?
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    For some reason it says "An error occurred while connecting to the database (master). This has been logged.", this is starting to be very annoying.
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    At this time (as far as my connection at least) the entire MCStats website seems to be down.
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    You do know that there are 7 hours inbetween your posts?
    Websites are sometimes down, that often happens, there is no website which hasn't been down yet.
    It was down earlier today but is now back up and running again.

    Also, that Signature :D
    Had to open the Spoiler though, but once you think about it...
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