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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Hidendra, May 25, 2012.

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    He doesn't answer emails either. So I hope he's busy working on MCStats in that case :) I sent one a few days ago!
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    That last time he logged in this forum was when i called him in IRC to see a topic about MCStats and he didn't take long to answer so that's why i believe he is fixing this but it's really taking long. Could use some update on what's happening.
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    "There are over 80,000 0 servers reporting during peak times of the day (which is over 400 0 requests/second)."
    With what catageek said, I think the problem is the backend. It says it's been running since the day it broke so I think simply restarting the backend would fix it... But I do have to admit, this IS funny:
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    1 is over 0. So is 10,000 ;)
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    Hidendra hasn't been seen on IRC for over 6 days now. I sit in there daily hoping to see him.
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    What could have happened then? :(
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    Devil Boy

    Is there any news on the status of MCStats?
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    No, but you know how things are, it can be a major issue, or they might be on vacation, or something came up at the last second.
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    There is news now. The service has been discontinued.
    Thanks Hidendra for all your hard work on this project!
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    Thank you Hidendra for all the work you put into this, I never noticed how big of a success it was till it finally came to an end.
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    I just saw this. Hidendra has done a good work and brought a lot to the community. Thank you.
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    :( MCStats should be included in bukkit dev, it's a great thing.
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    i couldn't agree more, bukkit(curse) has the resources to handle such requests i believe no problem and thus should be a standard service plugin devs can take advantage of if they so choose. Someone said his repo was outdated so i'm hoping at minimum he will push his latest code to github so that others can run there own metrics instances on servers if they so choose as well. I know i would run one just for my plugins.
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    Good news, BuyCraft, codename_B, and Avalanche Network are now helping out funding it and maintain it along with Hidendra, if you look at
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    Yea, i already noticed that. Was in IRC.
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    Can you tell me the IRC, if there's a link, I don't have xChat yet, sorry, I didn't see the IRC in the description, blondes these days :/
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    Hell yeah :)
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    heck yeah! Go codename_b, buycraft, and avalanche networks! Such a great tool i'm glad people are helping out. If it wasn't so bad off ATM financially i would gladly have helped out.
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    Thank you Codename :)
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    I love this service, but I can't get it to save my name.
    I am the owner of PPMOTD.
    I have come to a road block.
    I see my statistics being sent to, but it does not recognize me as the owner of the plugin.
    When ever I try to add a plugin, it gives me the picture attached below.
    Please help!
    Edit: Is it because my server is not port forwarded, and instead is LAN (Since I am 14 (almost 15) my parents make me close the port when I'm not using it).
    Thanks Guys!

    Edit on my previous post.

    This is the picture (oops).


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    Open the add plugin page again please. It was poorly converted to bootstrap 3 (oops) so you should properly see the input boxes now
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    Its a little buggy, but it let me add it.
    One more thing, where would I find my plugin list?
    I searched PPMOTD and it said "Plugin: PPMOTD by ".
    Have the servers just not updated the page yet?

    EDIT: Nevermind, The GUI just wasn't loading right. I also noticed that I missed
    the part that said it has to be processed.
    Now I feel like an idiot.
    Thank you for your help!
    Happy Holidays (or Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever) :)
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    Is it me or is the mcstats website down/blank screen?
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    looks ok now. I'm experimenting with moving MCStats entirely over to DigitalOcean. The last remaining piece I need to confirm is the effects of moving Mongo over.
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    Hi there.

    Is there a way that we can display a graph (other than the "signature" image) anywhere else other than on

    For instance, I've copied the signature graph to my bukkit page and it works perfect, however I'd like to be able to display other information / graphs. I've looked for some sort of image, or something that I can link, but can find anything.

    Anyways, 'preciate the service being offered!
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    Not at the moment. the main reason is that the graph library I use for the png images (pChart) doesn't support the same graph types as the javascript graphing lib (which reminds me ... pChart is SERIOUSLY out of date, it looks like they made a lot of nice changes so I'll have to take a look).

    It would be a pretty nice to at the very least have line and basic pie charts graphable in signature images so I will likely look into this when I update pChart. I also want to change how the sig image actually looks - the one with borders, legend, etc looks pretty meh

    btw, maybe useful maybe not, but there's a 'hidden' scaling factor in signature images. = 3.0x base image size , = 1.25x base image size, and so on. the scaler must be a float (no ints). Max scale is 10.0.
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    It would be nice to display more than the signature chart, as the information is really only for the author for the time being. Others could technically go and look at the extra stats, but with most mc'ers, that probably wont happen unless you make it outright visible.

    Ok cool, i'll take a look at the scaling to see if I can use it in some way.


    Just browsing around and found that you can scrub the data off of the .json file per chart. I might set up something on my server to query once an hour, create an image out of those numbers, then from there I can link the image to wherever. It'll be just an image of a number so nothing more complex than that.

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