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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Hidendra, May 25, 2012.

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    The "AuthMode" graph really surprised me too - for some reason my plugin (OtherDrops) has 82.8% offline usage :\ There's nothing in the type of plugin (drop replacement) that I would think encourages offline usage & I haven't advertised it anywhere except Bukkit forums & BukkitDev.
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    Yes that is bad but not your fault. I had 27% Offline Usage from ~550 Servers. I think i need to Prevent this and allow only Servers who have Online Mode true to run my Plugins.
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    What's even more interesting is finding one of my plugins having servers that are in online-mode when the plugin is for BungeeCord servers. :p
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    Mcstats is currently down. My server is going crazy. :'(
  5. Ridog
    I assume you mean you have alot of errors because of that ? That's really the plugin's fault for not handling those properly, as suggested by the dev of this resource.

    You can also opt out (disable it on all plugins) from plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml.
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    I tried to install MCStats for my plugin, (I followed the wiki instructions), it compiled properly, but when I try to run it, I get a classNotFoundException : com.griefcraft.util.Metrics
    I added the maven dependency (compile).
    Do I need a pluginmetrics plugin to run it or something?
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    graphs are really slow to appear and don't show data later than the 8th; the current server/player numbers aren't showing up at all :(

    any chance of a small status update? ("shit's broken and I'm in the middle of exams/busy at work" would do :D )
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  8. i hate it, becouse know that it exists my server randomly crashes. if i could fix this i would like this service.
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    MCStats will not cause that issue.. It can't. What are the random crashes? They are caused by something else.
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    Hidendra Not trying to be pushy, but what is the general wait time for plugins getting ownership status approved? Do you have a chance of getting approved faster if you already have a plugin approved?
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    As far as I understand this is still a manual process so won't happen until someone approves it. I guess it will depend on how big the approval list is at the time.
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    I've just pushed changes to make approvals a bit faster. Most(*) will be handled automatically and instantly. Others will still need to be manually done (and admittedly this sometimes can take time to get to).

    Also looking to get R7 out soon just doing last changes to make sure everything is OK. It adds json & compression to reduce the size of requests by a lot (~50%+ for most plugins). It won't be a required update but I really recommend it for the sake of lowering how much bandwidth I use hah
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    :D Awesome. Is currently just you working on this project?
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    So, anyone mind giving me some code snippets of custom graphs? I couldn't get them figured out.
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    Take a look here - If it's confusing let me know

    Yes just me ;-)

    Metrics R7 is available now.

    If you are using maven to shade simply change the version to R7.

    If you are including the class directly, you can find the Bukkit classes on github:

    • (!!) addCustomData() has been removed to reduce confusion. If you are still using this and need previous functionality please use metrics.createGraph("Default") or use an appropriately named name.
    • Compression+JSON. For most plugins this reduces the amount of data sent by at least 50% (if using custom data). All plugins will benefit at least some. Data is now sent using JSON and is no longer sent as a real url-encoded POST request.
    • Plugins now submit in intervals of 15 minutes, up from 10
    • Added pie graph MCStats Revision to all plugins (supported already however will let you see what revisions people are using now so figured I'd note it here!)

    If you have any issues with this please let me know. If you'd like to confirm when you change to this that it actually works please hit me up with your GUID in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and I can tell you what revision/data your plugins have sent.

    If you use a CNAME: (to use your own domain)- Please add a new cname for reporting in the plugin itself, point it to and let me know the new one so I can add it on my end. As of R7 servers are reporting to a subdomain so I can easily segregate reporting servers should I ever need to. You CANNOT view the website using so if you wish to view the website with your CNAME you'll need two.

    EDIT: P.S. if you enable debug: in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml you'll get output such as this:

    13:27:06 [INFO] [Metrics] Prepared request for LWC uncompressed=617 compressed=354
    The uncompressed number is the number of bytes sent in the body of the request (of course excludes headers and such)

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  16. it stopped now, but it was defenitly from mcstats:

    2013-06-04 22:39:37 [INFO] [Metrics] Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:
    2013-06-04 22:39:38 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection reset
    2013-06-04 22:39:38 [INFO] [Metrics] Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:
    2013-06-04 22:49:37 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection reset
    2013-06-04 22:49:37 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection reset
    2013-06-04 22:49:37 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection reset
    2013-06-04 22:57:24 [INFO] Player lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    2013-06-04 22:57:24 [INFO] Connection reset
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    Those are just messages, nothing like a crash. They can't cause a crash
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  20. my server still crashed, and when it over, that showed up. always.
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    They are messages CAUSED by the crash, because Metrics was stalled by the crash. What about it crashes? Does it just freeze..? What plugins do you use? Was any large worldedits done at the time?
  22. if you would look back:
    it stopped and thats all that matters in my oppinion.
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    Hidendra I recently renamed one of my plugins, but unfortunately, this means that it no longer reports to the proper MCStats page. Is it possible to transfer statistics from one page to another?
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    I added Metrics to my plugin. No errors or problems. Have been running it on a couple of servers for a couple of days and now it's had 59 downloads, but not appearing in MCStats site. Someone on the IRC channel said I don't have enough installs to be able to appear on MCStats so I was wondering how many people need to install my plugin before it appears on the site? :) Thanks!
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    My plugin (with the Metrics class) isn't also listed on the site when I try to add it, and I have 200+ downloads... Please help me. :)
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    mcstats has had a problem since 5 days: the plugin list is empty, and displaying a single plugin shows information until 4 September and not after. Moreover, it says that none server use the plugin (even for Essentials) despite what the charts are showing.
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    Ah it's broken. That explains it. I emailed the admin but they aren't responding.
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    Anyone knows something about when this problem will be fixed?
    In the IRC nobody talks and it has been a while since MCStats last worked.
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    No news forthcoming it seems
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    He doesn't come here often, that doesn't mean that he isn't working on MCStats.
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