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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Hidendra, May 25, 2012.

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    The "all rights reserved" notice is redundant in any case, as copyright is granted implicitly and without restriction. It's completely optional.

    My point was that copyright itself is never waived in the first place. Instead, everyone is permitted by the rights holder to distribute and modify the work, provided they adhere to the stipulations of the license.

    A property owner can certainly give you permission to his property for any duration he pleases. But that doesn't mean you suddenly own his property, that he has lost any claims to it. Especially if this permission came with a contract forbidding you to do certain things. In the case of copyleft, this would be - among other things - to change or remove the original license, or refuse to provide the modified source code.

    Full disclosure - I'm not a lawyer. But I'm pretty sure this is accurate. :)
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    A stipulation, such as, for instance, including the copyright notice unmodified in full?
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    That's a common one, yeah. And the license may demand that your modified source code is released with similar copyleft requirements.
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    I meant that slightly sarcastically (not that anyone would know it without somehow reading my mind), as it's one of the requirements of the licence in question;

    The 'all rights reserved' bit being part of the copyright notice, of course :S

    I could, of course, have the file under the GPL with the 'all rights reserved' part (or at least, I think I can), but none of my other headers have that, and I've never seen anyone else put it in a GPL header.
    I suppose it's unlikely anyone would care though if I ditched the 'all rights reserved', and I very much doubt Hidendra would sue me ;).
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    Just want to make sure, but is MCStats gathering the amount of players correctly? It doesn't quite make sense how suddenly on the global statistics the peak amount of players can drop by tens of thousands.
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    Website is down. im getting a "Bad Gateway" Hidendra
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    been having some issues with MySQL. "should" be the last time it starts up. recently a major issue has been ocurring where I can't do a select count(*) from a table with only 2500~ rows (the plugin table) after a while. It never completes. select * however works. so i've been trying to deal with that and I can't get an answer anywhere

    correct it is gathering correctly it is just related to the above ^
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    Twixted Chaox

    I can help you with that.. Give ma a shout on skype (amysticallegend) or email (admin (at)
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    Oh even nice, you offer a maven repo now!
    Still love the service!
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    MCStats has been causing major lag issues on my server. Basically every now and again when it reports to a lot of the connections time out and it kicks most of the people on the server, as the server completely freezes for around 15 seconds. Here is a log, this one goes from bottom to top (sorry about that), IP's are censored for obvious reasons. Also I don't see why this should be happening, because I thought the Metrics class opens connections in async threads.
  11. Hidendra
    Hey I have encountered a rather inconvenient problem. Just the other day I tried to connect to it was "down for me". I figured I would check the next day... Still down and so on and so forth. So I decided it had something to do with my computer being blocked or something(but I don't know why it would be) so I tried connecting with a proxy... It worked(Except the website wasn't fully loaded). This may be a problem just with my computer or maybe something you can help with but it's worth asking. Thanks for you time :D
  12. I've just added my plugin to MCStats but I was wondering how long it takes to processes an ownership request?

    It's only been 24 hours so I don't mind waiting but I've created a custom graph that doesn't appear to be showing and I am wondering if it something that an owner can configure.

    Many thanks and awesome work! <3
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    AlexLeporiday Try reaching Hidendra on the IRC. Usually works.

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    One of the 2 hard drives in the machine has kicked the bucket. This is likely the cause of many of the issues in the last few days. I am waiting on a replacement now. No data is lost of course (using a ZFS mirror so essentially raid 1)

    edit: it was replaced a little earlier. it's resilvering now so performance may suffer a bit for the next 12 hours
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    Would it be possible to add some sort of statistic to count (unique/server-unique) players/servers ever used the plugin/ a feature ? Maybe you got an idea how to achieve something like that ?
  16. Would it also be possible to implement a way to drilldown into the stats a little?

    For example. It would be cool to click on "Sweden" (the pie chart expands) and then all the other charts would recalculate for only Swedish servers.
    After that, pick another chart, for example Java Version. So all other charts, except Country=Sweden and JavaVersion=7 would recalculate.

    And possibly, when you see less than 100 servers, show the percentage of installed plugins.
    87% have Essentials
    5% have CoolModX
    45% have OtherModY
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    Unique servers would be possible (sort of -- if a server is reset or deletes the PluginMetrics folder it will show up as a new "unique" server.) At the moment the data isn't fully there but may be possible again in the future :)

    My apologies for the delay. I would love to do something like that but unfortunately it would multiply the data by very scary proportions :(

    New Map graph for everyone! Enjoy


    live example:
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    That is awesome :)
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    Wait, am I misinterpreting this... Are 47% of servers seriously in offline mode? Or is auth mode something else?
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    Yeah I was surprised too. Well I run mine in offline mode because of BungeeCord, but I'm sure only a small portion of people use that.
  23. Yes, i looked into that and figured Bungee servers are using spigot, which is just 4% so that cant be the reason.
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    Can we use the Metrics code in an All Rights Reserved licensed plugin?
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    Shocked me too. That's why it was disabled for a couple months. I double checked my logic a few times and it's all seemingly correct. AuthMe sort of confirms this with 96.9% offline mode servers.

    has anyone parsed recent Snoop data? the old one (it's from snoop data that was posted 10-11 months ago) shows 34% offline mode servers so I am sure MCStats' graphs are correct.
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    That's really shocking to me =/
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    Regarding today's downtime, it was related to the large fiber cut between Montréal and Beauharnois. While IP traffic was still working OK traffic was crapping out after moderate load (i.e. 900+ requests/sec seems to be enough to trigger it!) and caused the IP to be unusable for any kind of routing.

    Switching the IP mitigated it until servers started hammering it again, then that one too was unusable. I finally got some brains and moved the front end website temporarily to one of my boxes in New York where it served requests and the website worked fine (albeit a bit slow because the DB was 10 ms away and that is serious business for my query-everything scripts)

    After the connection between MTL and BHS was restored I moved the DNS for the website back to the main IP. Traffic resumed to normal and no routing issues have been encountered so far. Graph generation is now live again.
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    is down for me?
    Plus disabling opt-out and not disabling the feature in the plugins config files gave me 1 hell of a waiting time, couldn't you just return an empty string to those plugins?
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    Massive problem. I wanna use this in my plugin, but on the wiki it only shows how to do it with maven. please tell me how to do that in eclipse.
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