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    (Apologies if this is in the wrong category, I couldn't find a more appropriate one.)

    Okay, guys I need a few people with varying degrees of experience with both Minecraft/Bukkit and webservers. I'm sure you've been made curious by the logo, so let me explain:

    MCPhp is the latest, easyist, and most user-customisable way to put your gameserver information out on the internet. MCPhp has two lots of code in it: The Webserver side and the Gameserver side. Installing the script onto the webserver is as easy as visiting a website, and once you do, you can stream over 50 server, world, and player variables onto your own website, using just 2 lines of HTML/PHP.
    No templates to be fixed to. Little coding knowlage required. Instant statistics.

    But wait! There's more:
    You can now put your server chat on your own website, without having to break yo' websites style with someone else's page/image. Best of all, all you need to do that is simple HTML.

    Here is a list of the variables you can stream with the first package:
    • Server Status (OFFLINE/ONLINE)
    • Server Message Of The Day
    • Server IP
    • Maximum amount of players
    • Port Number
    • Mob Spawn Limit
    • Server Name
    • Max View Distance
    • Server Version
    • Availability of
      • The Nether
      • The End
      • Animals
      • Monsters
      • PVP
    • Lag, in
      • Ticks Per Seconds
      • Tick Length
      • Percentage
    • Statistics on Players
      • Number of player’s online
      • Number of unique players on the server
      • Name
      • Display Name
      • Current Level
      • Current IP*
      • Current Health
      • If the player is currently…
        • An Op
        • Sleeping
        • Dead
        • Running
    • Statistics on each world, including
      • Time
      • Weather
      • Amount of Weather remaining
      • Seed
      • Sea Level
      • Max Level
      • Difficulty
      • World Type
      • If the world is PVP
      • Ticks Per Animal Spawn
      • Ticks Per Mob Spawn
    Oh, and here's a demo server for you to check it out on:
    Oh, and to demonstrate how portable this solution is, that demo you just went on? Yeah, that was just running on a £50 Android Tablet. If an android tablet can run it, you should be fine. All you need is a Bukkit server and a webserver with PHP and SQL support. Which just about all of them have, even the free ones.

    What's this about a closed beta?
    The code is ready. The first beta is ready. We just need some people to test it, and give feedback.
    No real knowledge of bukkit or webservers is required, because I want to know that even the most inexperienced of people are able to do this before we go through to the first public beta version.

    Here's the project webpage:
    And here's the reference:
    And here is the user guide, if you get stuck: User Guide.pdf
    The only thing you need is the download, right?

    Email [email protected] to register for the closed beta, and if you qualify, you'll get sent a link to the download

    Any questions? Ask in the thread below!
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    aww for a second i thought maybe this didn't need a server side plugin and just used minecraft protocols to do everything. or am i misunderstanding cause that would be awesome!
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    I'm now working on one that's JUST a plugin, no webserver side tinkering required. Stay tuned!
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    You could only get the playercount and motd without a plugin.
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    not true.
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    Okay, if we're being specific you could only ping the server for playercount, max players, motd, ping time, whether it's on/off(obviously), and in 1.7 20 of the players online.
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    Seems like a great idea, best of luck to you.
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    you can get much more than that, with a PHP script i found online i was able to get hostname, gametype, game Id, version, all the plugins, the name of the main world, number of players onilne, max players, the host port, the IP in the config, as well as all the players online at the time.
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    Well you could scan for many more open ports, but how exactly did it manage to get all those other things?
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    like i said through the protocol, you basically send packets to the server with the information the packets need and then interpret the info received.
  11. I would like to test it!
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    Oh my god all of my yes.
    Give me some tools to test naow
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    I tried to apply, but I never got a e-mail back. Wish I could of used this, I really needed it.
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    Can you not use PHPSend for all of this?
  15. Why don't you just use xPaw?
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    xPaw's is a simple pinger, it can't get/request certain data.
  17. Seems like you haven't looked into its possibilities...
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    xPaw's can connect to a server, execute commands, and receive any type of data the server wishes to send? If so, then I guess I have not.
  19. Then use JsonAPI
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    I wasn't talking about JSONAPI, I was talking about xPaw's.
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    RCON, in MC by default, allows you to connect to the server and access console, essentially...
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