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  1. I have to give you guys a huge thumbs up with this. You really seem to have a good base to be working upon and you sound like you know what your doing and have it all planned out. Good luck.
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    Hey guys,

    We talked on the IRC about me joining the team a few days ago. Since then I have had a bit of a think about it and come to the conclusion that our ideas are not really compatible. You don't seem to be addressing any of the issues that McBans had, also I can't ignore the concerns raised about some of the people involved valid or not it's not worth the risk if you ask me.

    Good luck with the project though.

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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    What issues did we not adress that you say are wrong with another plugin? If so we will talk about these issues and try to addapt our system to accomodate them. And why were you unable to talk to me about your issues with the system ?
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    The main one is that servers have different rules, creative servers might want to allow fly mods but prevent stealing. PVP servers might want to allow stealing but block fly mods. Also the potential for misuse of the system is too high when there is a "you have been banned form all mcbans servers" style ban.

    I haven't had much free time lately (mostly because of MineBans, irony!). I didn't think it was fair to keep you in the dark for ever so made the above post :)
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    You should only he banned from all mcblock.IT servers after x amount of bansd, before that, you Will Get warnings.

    My idea :)
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    That puts too much control with the operators of the system.

    Simply recreating McBans is pointless.
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    Your note about different server rules, i got an idea for that.
    Make ban categories / reason list.

    The server can put a list of disallowed things in the config.
    if a user that has been banned for one of those reasons, joins, he will be kicked.

    So if i would be banned for flying, i would not be able to join servers that disallow flying, but i can join servers that allow flying.
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    That is pretty much what I did.
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    ok, well, not a bad idea i think.
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    It's a good idea :) But the planned implementation here (and the method mcbans uses) makes it unworkable.
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    hmm, well, if it will be a popular plugin, i will still use it :D
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    Use whatever you like on your server ;)
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    Freedom for the win :D

    EDIT: ontopic: exited :p
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    It is like this , it will take x bans to lower your rep to 0 but you will regain reputation over time also server owners can do this :

    Config options :

    Max bans : 0-15

    Max bans is a config option where serverowner can choose to ignore the players reputation and set the max allowed bans to be able to connect to their server.

    Max rep : 0-10

    Due to ban degration the users reputation will increase and decrease over time. Using this config option we give the server owners the choice to ignore the history of an user and just allow users of a certain reputation.

    Here is the revised global ban rules :

    Valid global ban reasons

    Racism: If a player connects to your server and states racism in chat , builds a fascistic structure you can issue a global ban. For a full description of racism see

    Griefing: If a player destroys blocks that were played by another player without consent. Destroying one block is not sufficient. We also recommend a plugin such like : Hawkeye,Logblock,Big Brother to help you catch griefers and provide evidence.

    Honeypot bans: honeypot bans as global bans are allowed if the player brakes more then 1 block and the blocks he/she brakes don’t appear to be natural . For example ores , trees , etc.

    Stealing: Stealing is only a valid global ban if there is a plugin like lockette or LWC, and the player bypasses these plugins using a mod/hack or exploit.

    Flymod/hacks: Flymod or other client modifications can only be considered a global ban if the server has rules against these modifications and they have plugins to prevent it such as nocheat. Bypassing server plugins is a global ban.

    Spamming: Using a script to spam the minecraft chat which is faster then 3 lines / second.

    Spamming on chatirc: The only time you can ban a user from minecraft if they spam your irc channel is when you can match the ip that does the spamming on irc with the ip of the minecraft user. This match must be within 12 hour window.

    Each ban of the global ban type has a certain value , lets say a ban is worth 1 point. This value does not change regardless the server credibility. We use this value for our ban degrading.

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    Those are actually really good. :)
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    ty :p ps excuse any typo's in previous posts , these were revisions not yet spellchecked by our house grammer officer. Nor are these the final ones , we still await community feedback to finetune them
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    One method could be if a player disputes a ban they can tell us that they think the reason they were banned for was allowed on the server, our staff can then logon to the server and check to see if the ban was valid according to the servers rules as well as ours. This should prevent any misuse of the system in this way. But as always we are open to any ideas on this, I will speak to everyone later about ban categories and if that could work for us.
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    That doesn't really fix the problem. Other servers that do have stealing as a rule would want to know about the player that stole, removing the ban would stop then seeing the info. Plus that would take an awful lot of moderation, my system just got going and I already don't think I would have the time to check up on every ban.

    If you do categorised config and ban reasons then we are literally producing the same thing, which is really pointless !
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    After a first round of feedback we have created a page on our website ( ) where the system is explained in detail. Please give us your comments and suggestions on our website feedback system. Also we are opening applications for dispute & support team tonight so if you interested into helping the community out. Keep an eye on our website.
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    So... the people who leeked the MCBans source code have their own banning system with Doridian. This will be funny.
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    I'm not really sure how this project is going anymore. After three to four months they have 96 members and very small amount of servers running there plugin compared to the amount of players and servers on minecraft. This kind of makes the whole thing pointless to use on a server as you will only remove a very small or no percentage of hackers/greifers etc. Personally I think for this project, to get back on its feet and start rolling again to actually become a solution that is useful and helpful they need to do more in the PR department. They need to advertise and make them selfs known. Until this the project is near 'dead' as really no one uses it and never will as barley anyone actually knows about its existence.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

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    Maybe Doridian has grown up a bit since 2 years ago? I'm not doubting the plugin, if it's open source well then I'm all for it. At least people can read the SC.
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