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    I am Captainnana head of public relations here at
    It is my job to make sure everyone knows what is going on with our system and what we are working on.
    The following statement should explain what aims to do and why we need your support! is a new network banning solution that will allow server owners to protect their servers from attacks by allowing them to issue global bans that affect the player's reputation. We will be aiming to make a fair system for both servers and players with as much transparency as we can give without compromising confidentiality, security or integrity. is run by a board of administrators. This helps us to ensure that the system is fair for all and makes sure no-one can ever get too much power over the system so that we could not remove them if we had a problem.
    Please head over to for more infomation and regular updates and info on what we are currently working on. This is a document about the proposed system: please go to to give feedback
    This is all I have to say for now, if you are interested in our project please join us in #mcblockit and show your support, after all we don't have a system without the great people of the community, we would also like to thank everyone that showed their support so far our IRC it's people like you that make us want to do this!
    Yours sincerely,
    Public Relations
    Board of administers
    PR Administrator : Captainnana
    Deals with information requests from the public, official statements, newsletters etc.
    HR Manager : Unimatrix
    Hiring and managing staff and complaints
    Community Relations Administrators : gdude2002
    (Support and Dispute) Management of division staff, staff activity reviews, training
    Technical Administrator : KaitouKite
    Manages the development team
    System Administrator : Doridian
    Making sure that all the systems are running correctly
    Graphics Design : Vibraloop
    All graphic design for the site
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    We have a plan of action set out and many people behind us to assist in the start-up and success of the system. All information and updates will be detailed on the website as per the opening post and in our IRC channel as well.
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    Is it me, did this person crash many servers and did some bad stuff with MCBans?
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    This will be 'fun'.
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    Oh dear god, Crashdoom and Doridian working on this?

    I'm just waiting for this to crash and burn... Anyone want to start taking bets?
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    Do we really need another one of these, or is this just a server crashing/hacking attempt?
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    I'm not sure if you all realise but both of those people have worked with mcbans, are very hard workers and have to sign legal documents to protect your information, it is very inportant to us that the system is transparent so no hacking can happen. You're information is protected!
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    No, that was Zidonuke, not me.
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    Here's some proof of what you did in the past:
    Here's a quote from a poster there:
    And another piece of evidence:

    captainnana You should find another System Administrator, as Doridian once wrote a backdoor, gained OP on many servers, banned the owner and crashed them.
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    Ok, Doridian may have not crashed McBans, but there is still evidence of other things he has done.
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    The thing you quoted is obviously biased - for one thing, the comment about being able to run any code via auto-update wasn't a threat or power thing as it is claimed there to be, but a point about people getting so worked up over other things.

    I'm not defending any of his actions there, but he is a great guy, both to know and to work with.
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    Doridian never even had access to push updates to the MCBans plugin at any time so your story doesnt add up, and besides as I said in the post.

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    I admit that I mixed up two things, but let me quote a part of an argument against Doridian:
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    Which I replied to:
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    There are still parts that are unbiased and can be proven, and there are other arguments as well.
    Another Quote (open)

    I hope this helps anyone on the edge, trying to decide about whether or not to use this software. It had hidden backdoor access to your servers and is programmed by a guy who is proven to have used an exploit to fuck up someone else's servers...
    A more factual quote from a server log (open)

    [13:42:42]Doridian {SA-A}: i can prove you in any way you want
    [13:42:46]Doridian {SA-A}: that i could destroy yoru servers
    [13:42:49]Doridian {SA-A}: tell me what to do [​IMG]
    [13:42:51]Kevaughan: RSO!
    [13:42:51]Effektiv {SA-A}: DONT DO THAT
    [13:43:04]Doridian {SA-A}: i asked feha what proof he wants [​IMG]
    [13:43:13]Effektiv {SA-A}: demote him like i did yesterday
    [13:43:18]Doridian {SA-A}: lols [​IMG]
    [13:43:47]Effektiv {SA-A}: we dont fuck up
    [13:44:27]Effektiv {SA-A}: at least you have differnt rcon password for each server

    [13:44:38](ADMIN) (Console) removed all of Feha's access rights

    [13:44:41]Effektiv {SA-A}: see?
    [13:44:43]Feha: lol
    [13:44:43]Effektiv {SA-A}: lol

    [13:45:24](ADMIN) (Console) added user Effektiv {SA-A} to group "superadmin"

    [13:45:29]Effektiv {SA-A}: dori bad boy [​IMG]
    [13:45:29]*** Feha wonder how long ban eff deserves
    [13:45:35]Effektiv {SA-A}: trust me
    [13:45:42]Doridian {SA-A}: effe lol [​IMG]
    [13:45:42]Effektiv {SA-A}: your lucky we even told you how much fun we could have

    [13:45:54](ADMIN) (Console) added user Doridian {SA-A} to group "superadmin"
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    I read the post, and agreed to everything that is stated there.
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    You're not getting it.

    Mcbans has a bad and shady history. There's been an endless stream of drama surrounding it.
    So don't blame us when we're not cheering out of excitement when you bring individuals with a known shady history with you onto the new project.

    Those legal documents mean nothing in a volunteer project done by a few hobbyists online. You don't have the means to enforce them either way.
    Reputation matters and you're already off with a horrible start.
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    Technius Vhab we are aware of what Doridian has done in the past, however this doesn't mean he a. has the intentions to do it again and b. the ability to do it again, is fully open source and the code can be reviewed by anyone so any backdoors or other exploits you suggested would be impossible, and if it became apparent that Dori did have a malicious intentions, which I am sure he does not, then the board of directors could eject him from the project if they felt it necessary.

    In relation to the legal documents if anyone were to leak personal information they would be responsible and you could take action against them if you felt it necessary regardless of if they are volunteer or paid.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    Dori did shady things in the past , does that mean he will again? in your logic none can better themselves which happens to be the core concept of mcblockit.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    This is not a drama thread, this is an announcement of a new service. I will continue to clean up new posts meant to just stir up arguments.
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    I saw some stuff in your PDF, I use plugins to deal with SpamBot and I do not have someone waiting to take a screenshot every time,

    1.7.2 Evidence From Logs
    No evidence in text format will be accepted If there is no screenshot present

    Would spambot avoid this rule or is spam localized?
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    In point 1.7.1 we say:
    "1.7.1 Evidence from In-Game
    All evidence provided should be an ingame screenshot. Text evidence can be easily manipulated and will be
    accepted on a case by case basis. "

    However I do think this is a bit unclear and will be clarified in the final document, thanks for the feedback.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    1.7.1 Evidence from In-Game

    All evidence provided should be an ingame screenshot. Text evidence can be easily manipulated and will be accepted on a case by case basis.
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    I for one can't wait for this plugin. I've read the TOS of this plugin, it looks a lot fairer than MCBans, I do advise all to read it.
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    The moment I read this:

    HR Manager : Unimatrix
    I laughed and then realized that this will become another "McBans".

    Nonetheless, good luck.
  28. the whole point is to not to be , however on you can find the [feedback] thingie to the left
    and submit ideas/feedback/improvements at any time! also vote and comment by your choice.
    or click here:
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    Your comment is reminiscent of the many other opinions we've heard, but it's flimsy and reenforced with no reference to our goals clearly stated stated here: (Document available at Please, do not post here to criticize our staff. The ideas we present represent the opinions of a majority of our staff, not just one staff member.

    Additionally (in response to previous comments), there is nothing shady about MCBlockIt. We are forthright about our system's functionality and our ideas; we do not hide information regarding the development of MCBlockIt from our users. Again, the PDF is available for everyone to read--do not hesitate to read it and comment/criticize it here:

    We are looking for your opinion and the more we receive, the better and more refined MCBlockIt will be.
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    ...mite b cool.
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