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Should MCBans be removed from Bukkit?

  1. Yes!

  2. No

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    did you actually read the posts before here? because if you have, you have no counting argument for that statement..
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    Just gonna say, you kind of went into a bit more detail then needed,
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    and how did I than? shared my honest opinion..
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    I personally don't see a problem with MCbans both as a user and Administrator. With ANY global bans for absolutely any game you'll always have those 12 y.o kids who think their king sh** running servers. Sure, they may make stuff up to get you globally banned but I'm pretty sure most of the larger servers will add you as an exception if you give them a good reason to.
    I know if a player took the time to write me a decently thought out PM asking to be added as an exception and giving a mature and well thought out reason why I'd give them the chance.
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    Okay? What the hell are you talking about?

    I read all the posts prior to mine at posting, and have just reread them to ensure I didn't miss some crucial information. There was nothing to discredit my argument and my point was obviously opinion so your "counting argument" statement makes no sense.
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    ok that is noted, thanks for sharing your opinion too =)
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    And this is why we allow users to dispute their global bans. It is known that servers will try and pass off fake proof to us during a dispute. However, do not forget that we are humans. We aren't perfect and neither is anybody else. If you think your proof was forged and the dispute was justified, simply throw us a support ticket @ and one of the support team members or myself will be more than happy to help you out.

    Like someone said before in this thread, MCBans has been bashed time and time again. A funny fact about that is it mostly all the time someone who has been caught breaking the rules and are mad about it... so they try and boycott MCBans so they can try and get away scot-free. Do not forget we are here to help the community, not damage it like some people think. Try being a MCBans administrator and having to look at every piece of individual proof and deal with problems on a regular basis. There is ALOT of behind the scenes work and I believe I have the right to say that I have the best damned staff team and job anybody could ever ask for. If you ever have a problem with us, send a support ticket people instead of bashing us like we are the bad guys. It simply does nothing, and that is fact.

    Oh, one another thing: If you don't like it... Do not go on any servers that use our system. Plain and simple.
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    You may have found the need to defend MCBans, but was it really necessary to bring this back up? :confused:
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    Didn't realize it was old when someone showed it to me. My bad. But gotta protect it. :)
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