MC-Softwork's Bukkit Plugin Updater

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  1. MC-Softwork's Bukkit Plugin Updater [DISCONTINUED]
    A very easy and usefull application used to update or download my bukkit server plugins.
    Just download the executable and paste it in your server folder and then run it and download / update your plugins!

    V0.1.2.2 ALPHA -- Release

    V0.1.5.2 ALPHA -- Added log system.
    V0.1.5.2 ALPHA -- Cleaned code.
    V0.1.5.2 ALPHA -- Added update system for updater itself.

    Download LINK Download is deleted

    Installation :
    Extract the EXE into your server folder and run it thats all :D

    Known bugs:

    found a bug or have questions/requests?? just send me a mail or leave a comment,
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