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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by nubstuff5, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Stage: Beta
    Current Version: 2


    v2 (1.4.7/(Stable)) - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    v1 (1.4.7/(Stable)) - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    System Requirements:
    For the application to run it needs
    - .NET Framework 4
    - Windows vista/7

    Known Issues:
    Windows XP and MacOS not compatible. (Windows 8 Unsure)

    This was made for Minecraft do not try to load another game's (garry's mod, dead island etc.) session, it will repeat itself and the application will become unresponsive.

    It doesnt get information from some IPs like "<font color="green"></font>" though
    most masked IPs do seem to work, I will have to look into this.

    Made it because I thought it would be useful :D, hope
    yous enjoy.

    What it looks like normally

    When a server's information has been loaded

    Help (How to use it)
    1. Download the application
    2. Extract the ZIP file
    3. Run the application
    4. Enter the information for input
    5. Click 'Check'

    Want to donate to me? It definitely helps out.
    >>Donate Here<<
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    What's the point of having this in a standalone application? Don't take offense, I am just wondering.
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    Sorry for late reply (GMT +10) Here, will fix up download in a sec. Now the point of this is an external server viewer instead of opening up Minecraft. Example: maybe a server owner has bought a server doesn't want to wait to load up webpages nor open Minecraft the application will allow easy access to viewing the information. So sorry you don't find the point :/. The point to the application is morely convenience.

    stuntguy3000 Thanks for virus scan

    Download was fixed and includes what you need.
    *Make sure you extract contents to another folder or where ever*
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    nubstuff5, I believe your problem with IPs might be singled out to SRV records, although I haven't actually downloaded your application to check. Also, I'd like to know if your application auto-refreshes, if not, I'd recommend that feature. Lastly, you could include a checkbox to view other information gathered from servers that are query-enabled. (i.e. player list)
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    or people can just go to IRC and type [​IMG]
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    I'd rather encourage users to continue with their projects and proceed to create better ones over time to support the community, then just shut them off and tell them their product has already been made.
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    LaxWasHere then you would need irc and knowledge and how to use it, not everyone comes out an IRC freak like you.
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    Royal_Soda I will add the refresh feature and it will be fully configurable to the users. Though listing the players i'm not sure if an application is able to retrieve it, I will definitely look into the idea.

    Links have changed to "Media Fire" so I can monitor downloads.

    *Updated to v2* Label colour is configurable as well as a refresh rate to auto check the server. To change the Check rate you must click Options > Refresh Time, then just drag the Track Bar.

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    nubstuff5, you're able to track the player list of any server if they've got enable-query set to true in their file.
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