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    I am in an extreme hurry, and don't have time to make this the proper format, but I'll do my best.

    I basically want a plugin that maxes out enchantments on every item. For example
    That would be, DAMAGE_ALL 2 is disabled on all items. This should be for the enchantment table (meaning they cannot enchant it to get DAMAGE_ALL 2, nor can they merge items, in an anvil to get it. If someone manages to get it, when the items goes into their inventory, it is reverted back to the most legal enchant (Say DAMAGE_ALL 3 - 4 is disabled, if I had DAMAGE_ALL 5, it would turn it into DAMAGE_ALL 2.

    No Permissions
    COMMANDS: /maxe reload

    I need this ASAP, Please and thankyou!

    P.S: I Need this to as well work on books for enchanted books.

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