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    Plugin category: Role Play

    Suggested name: Realistic Mine

    What I want:
    For a massive MMORPG Server, I need a plugin were I can change all the Aspects of Mining. How fast I can mine, or in a deeper view, being able to change all the Mining Speeds for different Mine able Ores/Stones. Also being able to change if Ores give you a chance rate of dropping Double.

    New Functions to the Game? Sure we have Speed and Double Drop! But... Lets go wild with this one! Lets make this Insane! Lets make it... Game Changing! Cave Ins! Mining to Much Ores, or stone in a certain area can cause Stone to Fall. Water Being Able To Erode Stone! Boring old water in a Cave? Well that just got a whole lot more Interesting! Being able to Carve new Caves in a cave Already! Sure, you adjust the time it takes to just destroy one little block, A day, a week, in game time! But still makes it harder! Finding massive, and small little holes in the ground! The exploration that can be explored!

    Ruins! Randomly Spawned ruins for us to Explore! Through out the Map! Like Abounded Mine Shafts! But with Houses! And in a massive cave system, villages being the Citizens of the Unknown underground City! With Vines and Trees, Hidden Chests throughout the Place! Traps, TNT, Lava, The Adventures and Fun this will bring to Mining!

    Realistic Oceans! Oceans being able to move Sand around! Or coming up onto the Beach and stealing your loved Child! Or just other blocks would be nice also.

    Realistic Monsters! Sure, we have some pretty hard Monsters already such as the Enderman, or the EnderDragon, although lets make this something no other server has ever seen before! Or ever heard of! This is like the creation of Apple! People went wild! I was thinking of many things for the Realistic Monsters Section! Custom Bosses, that could spawn in the Ruins. For Example, the could spawn on a certain block that was only in the Ruins, Sponge, or Mossy Cobblestone. Adding a system where you can see how much damage you've dealt to a Monster, and how much it dealt back to you! (Includes other Players for PVP) Being able to change the Health of a Monster and the movement speed will change the whole game play! Adding where random monsters can spawn with random health! For Example Minimum would be 5 (2.5 Hearts) and then maximum could be 40 (20 Hearts | Double the amount of our health)

    If you are wanting to create this Project, please add me on Skype and I can discuss some of the other Ones, and also the Commands/Permissions. There are too many to list on this page.
    Skype Name > iPad2ReMix
    Ideas for commands:

    Ideas for permissions:
    All would be config, no Permissions.

    When I'd like it by: Sometime this or the next month would be nice!
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    I will support this idea! ;)
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    coooooool bro, and you can add a feature : if you kill the villagers an irongolem spawn and kill you

    this is a vanilla feature but doesnt work well, i never seen an irongolem protecting villagers in most of servers
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    I think this causes too much lag and makes the game unplayable ..
    I like the idea but I'm not going to make it (sorry bro).
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    No thanks, its realistic Mining, not Craft.
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    youd need the best of specs to handle this....
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    Not exactly. It would cause more client side lag than server lag.
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    Sure the ocean thing and the water thing will... But you can change how often it happens.
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    That is entirely true, but moving 1,000 blocks at once is an easy way to crash someones client. This is a great idea and all, but i think this would be better as a mod than a plugin. If it is made using a plugin, you will need a very experienced dev to know how disburse the intensity across the servers hardware.
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    If we were going to have this done with the water and the ocean, we would make it so it only happens in those maybe 10/15 chunks that player is near. Two to three blocks every 10/20 minutes, there wouldn't be much lag, and the thing with the ocean can maybe only happen when it is raining/thunderstorming out.
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    You need to get some high end bukkit developers on your hands for this some parts are way out of my ability
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    I am sure you could do this. I am even offereing to pay some cash. I already have 3 Massive Devs. Paying all three of them, sadly they only will do one plugin. So I need another one! :p
  14. So High Quality, I support for this plugin, Hoping this plugin turns out great!
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    That would
    That would be some complex code ill give a shot at the water part of it and get back to ya

    It might take me a few days
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    Would be amazing... Maybe you, and a couple other Devs could get together and start this, you do some, they do some, and then finally add it all together.
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    A massive MMORPG is one hell of a world.
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    Speaking of massive MMORPGs.... 2007 Runescape is back! Awhh boy!
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    I'll give it a shot. :)
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    Great! If you get it finished just post a link in here, hopefully other people can do the other ones.

    For all of those who don't know, MMORPG stands for....

    Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game!

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    There is an edit button so you don't have to post twice in a row.
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    I don''tttt carreee!
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    Here's my progress: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    [quote uid=90748909 name="iliasdewachter" post=1562678]Here's my progress: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Unable to download.
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    try again ;) (changed the file)
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    "The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

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    try the new link:

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    NOT <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    [quote uid=90748909 name="iliasdewachter" post=1562732]try the new link:

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    NOT <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Question -

    message: You hitted <creature> for <damage> (<health>/<maxhealth>)
    minhealth: 10
    maxhealth: 40

    When it says this will the monsters spawn with 10/40 health randomly through out the world? Because that is what I was going for. Also, When you hit a monsters it will say <You hitted Skeleton for 7 Damage>? If so, would I be able to add a color to it? <Yellow> Or like &e?

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    I'll add the color's in the next update, and only the newly-spawned creatures will have custom health, so you'll need to kill all the existing mobs from your world(s).
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    So they will have the chances of spawn with 10/40 Hp correct?
    Also I made it day, would the normal Monsters still spawn with 20 HP? Or not only these custom ones?

    Also check this out! I need this mad badly also....

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