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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: MarketAlias

    A bit about me: I run a small server that is just getting started. I can code a little in C++ and VB, but the Java syntax has got me stumbled.

    What I want: Looking for a simple plugin that allows me to set a warp called market, and users can either do /warp market, or just /market and be transported. Maybe future versions would allow similar alias for other warps (/pvp) (/nether) etc.

    Ideas for commands: /maset sets warp at current location
    /marem removes current location
    /market teleports user to market

    Ideas for permissions: marketalias.set admin only
    marketalias.remove admin only
    marketalias.use all

    When I'd like it by: Soon. but just a thats wishful thinking.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @codename_B @itsatacoshop
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    Use essentials. You can do /setwarp market then /warp market
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    Yeah, I already have a warp plugin. /warp market works fine. I am looking for an alias plugin. so users can type /market, or /pvp or /nether basically eliminating the need for typing warp. I know its trivial, but its what my users are asking for.
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    Ok well that is a patented easy plugin to make. So basically you want a plugin where if you type /market it issues the command /warp market?
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    Unfortunately, commands have to be defined at the point of plugin creation. This means that commands cannot be created on the fly in a server, such as "/market". (Or at least I don't know a way to). Basically, the plugin will have to be custom made and commands and aliases will have to be predefined. (This would be easy to do.)
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    So... anyone interested in making one or helping me make one?.. maybe with commands for /market, and /pvp? I am a decent C++ programmer, and know a little VB, but java is just different enough that I couldn't figure it out. I think if someone helped me with this, I could figure out how to expand it as my skills got better, and could help maintain it. Of course with you getting all the credit of the build. I wouldn't even care if in this first version I had to key the x,y,z coordinates in the .yml file.
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    Sure. Let me make that.
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    Just make a list of what commands correspond to what, and it'd be easy to make.
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    Thank you, my players will love this.

    /market resolves to /warp market
    /pvp resolves to /warp pvp
    /fight resolves to /warp fight

    Thanks again. If it's not to much to ask, may I have the code too? Just curious how to do it. If you don't want to give it up, thats fine too. I fully understand.
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    I have been using this for a few weeks now, and it has been flawless. Thank you. I have even added a few more commands and they are working. But I was wondering if you could help me again... I am thinking that I may be able to use this almost as a scripting plugin...

    Here is my thought. I want to add a player to a mini-game, but my mini-game consists of many different plugins. So I have to move the user to a certain PEX group, warp the player to a certain location, change that users items, change their skin... etc. all commands I can do from the console, so I am wondering if this could be extended to allow me to do /minigame (or any other command i build) <user> , and it runs through each of the predetermined commands in the console making the correct changes to the user.

    What do you think? is this doable? Is this something you would be willing to help me with?
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    so basically, you want to type /minigame user, then it automatically runs /command1 user, /command2 user, etc. Basically multiple commands and with a specified user. Sure, this seems simple enough. Of course, you should probably check and make sure the user who types /minigame has a certain permission or is an op, cause you don't just want anybody using it.

    Just give me a list of commands and I'll show you what it would look like.
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    Yeah, I played with it a little, but didn't love it. I use a bunch of SK's stuff, and the love most of his plugins. Just not CommandHelper.

    I am thinking something like [/minigame <player>] would execute:
    /warp <player> spawner
    /freeze <player>
    /pex user <player> group set fighter
    /clear <player> -a
    /give <player> ironsword

    then maybe [/minigame start <player>] would execute:
    /unfreeze <player>
    /mobspawn zombie 20

    this of course is just an example. I realize I would need to tweak the command and be very specific as to what I wanted to do. The reason I am thinking of having the console run the commands is that I then then use the give command without the user having to be op, but only the command I specified in the script would work so they couldn't exploit it.

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    So, it would replace player with the player's own name? Or can a player specify another player's name? That just seems like a security issue, if you can make other players join minigames.

    The following code makes the console run a command:
    plugin.getServer().dispatchCommand(plugin.getServer().getConsoleSender(), "command");

    To run multiple commands, you just repeat it. You can also include a variable specifying the person's name in the command.
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    Could listen for chat then if it was "/market" check for a warp with that, then if there is, issue t, else do nothing

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