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    on my bukkit server i spend hours working on it and then i comeback the next day and what i do is ALL GONE so lets say i make a store i will comeback the next day and it will be GONE! just like my SkyBlockCo-Op plugin once i leave my island its gone there to! like i build a cobble gen it gone and im really sick of it PLEASE HELP
    Thanks for reading...if you did
    P.S. if you wanna be EVEN COOLER how do you "inport" a map? *i have hungergames map and not sure how to "inport" it to my place
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    /save-all before you shut down your server?
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    thanks a ton


    ONE more thing how do i make it to when someone joins my server they go straight to User (group) and how do you promote and how do i ake it that im admin i want t to say (admin)GreenLantern719:
    Please help once again
    BTW IM USING YAPP(yet another permissions plugin) the PEX is to hard and i dont understand it :(

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    Forget that last post i got it all figured out :)
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