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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mig4ng, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know what is the average disk space that a chunk (16x15x256) occupies on the Disk?

    I really need this because i want to control the disk space of my server.
    Atm i've 7GB of space, i want to divide it by this worlds:
    Survival - 1GB
    Factions - 3GB
    Survival_nether - 0.5GB
    Factions_nether - 0.5GB
    Survival_end - 0.1GB
    Faction_end - 0.1GB
    Spawn - 0.2GB (This world also contains a lot of arenas and minigames)
    Plots - 1GB
    Plugins -
    I'll maybe raise the disk space to 10gb, but at this moment i only have 7GB

    What do you recommend for radius for each world?
    PS: I'll change my DiskSpace to 10GB if recommended ;)
  2. Can somebody help me plz?
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    The largest region files on my most recent live world were slightly over 5 MB, with the average of full regions closer to 4.5 MB. To be safe you might calculate it as at least 6 MB per region.
    Also, since my most recent live map was from 7 months ago, region file sizes might have increased since then.

    A region is 512x512 blocks (32x32 chunks), so you can figure it from there.
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