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    This idea came to the head of one of the players on my server when wanting to carry a lot of redstone (spell reagents) in there inventory, but not take up a lot of space. I know there is a single player mod which allows redstone blocks. Is there any way to make something like this tie into MagicSpells

    Perhaps make 9 redstone turn into a powered redstone ore block, that can't be placed, looks exactly the same, but works like a stack of 9 redstone and is 1 item.

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    This is a great idea, which should definitly made up. But it should works with MagicSpells and not only for it. This would be nice for big servers with many people who trade a lot with redstone. Would be also nice to works with other things, like coal to coal-ore.

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    use spout materials to make the block and then tweek crafting to make each other

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