Low Spawn Rates, Help!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by fffizzz, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Ive been plauged with this for a couple weeks now. Ive updated cb to newer dev builds to be certain it wasnt the issue.
    Currently running bukkit 2754
    monsters: 130
    animals: 20
    water-animals: 5
    ambient: 15
    period-in-ticks: 600
    load-threshold: 0
    animal-spawns: 400
    monster-spawns: 20
    autosave: 0
    Havent really modified much else in bukkit.yml
    Ive removed any plugins which would mess with spawn rates like nolagg, clearlag, lagmeter (which shouldnt affect spawns at all anyway), and more..
    current plugins
    Autorank.jar            MasterPromote.jar                Register.jar
    AutoSaveWorld.jar        MCBans-v4.2.jar                  ReportRTS.jar
    bpermissions.jar        mcMMO.jar                        TagAPI.jar
    ChestShop.jar            Minequery.jar                    TerrainControl.jar
    Citizens.jar            Multiverse-Core-2.5.jar          Towny.jar
    cncp.jar                Multiverse-Inventories-2.5.jar    uIRCBridge.jar
    CraftIRC.jar            Multiverse-NetherPortals-2.5.jar  VanishNoPacket.jar
    DisguiseCraft.jar        Multiverse-Portals-2.5.jar        Vault.jar
    dynmap.jar              NameTags.jar                      Votifier.jar
    EssentialsAntiBuild.jar  NoCheatPlus.jar                  WorldBorder.jar
    Essentials.jar          OnTime.jar                        WorldEdit.jar
    EssentialsSpawn.jar      PlayerHeads.jar                  WorldGuard.jar
    Herochat.jar            Prism.jar                        XBP-v1.9.2.jar
    JSONAPI.jar              ProtocolLib-2.4.1.jar
    LWC.jar                  Questioner.jar
    When I first start the server, spawns seem to be fine, but after about 5 mins, next to nothing. Sitting outside in the dark for 5 nights, saw 4 mobs.
    I have all difficulties set to 3 in server properties and hard for multiverse. Ive been beating my head over this for weeks.. any ideas?

    Im out of ideas as to which plugins could be causing this..
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    Multiverse core
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    Really? Im running the latest dev from jenkins.. Is there a newer more preferred multiworld platform plugin out there with portal access by groups, etc?
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