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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rellac, Aug 12, 2011.

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    For some reason, after reloading my server, no one can now log in.

    All I can find whenever I google is a thousand "port forwarding" articles. I am not running from server from my computer, and it was previously fine not 5 minutes ago.

    I'd like to rule out all other possibilities before contacting my host. I honestly don't see them screwing up all of a sudden perfectly in sync with my reset.

    This is persisting with no active plugins.

    There are no fancy error messages. Just a simple "connection lost" message.

    Check the link in my sig, if you're curious.

    Could anyone help?
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    Iam getting no connection to no servers atm
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    So this is a Minecraft error, perhaps?

    EDIT: Confirmed. I can't log into another server, either.
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    I have the exact same problem atm.. Just wanted to restart my server because of plug-in reconfiguration.
    Something tells me, that the Mojang team has fucked something up.. AGAIN!!
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    I'm getting it too
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    All good now. :)

    Well that was worrying.
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    now they are working again
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    It's back up. What the hell is going on?:'(

    Have the feeling this will be off an on for a few hours, if not all day.

    Oh well, gives me a moment to develop the website, as I've been telling myself I'll do.
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    I was able to connect, but now I cannot connect...
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    Peculiarly, I can still send messages via console with say.
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    Ive some folks playing on my server, but no new users can connect
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    But that would be the SMART thing to do.;)
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