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    Minecraft Version 1.16.5

    Function: When a player is killed instantly by lava. The following items are saved by the plugin; enchanted diamond armor, enchanted netheritre armor, enchanted diamond swords, enchanted netheritre swords, fortune pickaxes, and silk pickaxes are all saved to a chest with infinite storage. The same items are also collected when a player dies and drops them and does not collect them in two minutes. The same items when the player falls into the void are collect.


    Set collection time for all items dropped by players who died without contacting lava, fire, or void.

    Add items to the save list


    /Coll Create Name

    /Coll Place

    /Coll Open Name


    - coll_interact: physically interact with the coll chest.

    - coll denyinteract

    -coll_opengui: Allows admins to open the chest from anywhere

    - coll_fullcontrol: Admin has full control of everything about the plugin
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    This sounds like a really interesting project. I do have a question about it though. Does each player have to place their own Loss Collector chest in order for their items to be collected upon death? If not, how do the items know in which chest they need to go, provided that there are for example 10 Loss Collector chests already placed?

    Kinda follow up on the question above would be, do these chest work like Ender Chest where no matter which LC chest you open, you always only see your items, or can any player access anyone else's chest? And if it's the latter, can players steal from each others LC chests?

    I'm looking forward to developing this.
    Kind regards
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    I realized my mistakes with my concept and made changes. There is one chest for the whole of the server. All items are collected in that chest. There is a standard removal fee for removing items from the chest, the fee is 5 emeralds to remove one item.

    My second concept is that each player can craft a collection chest that functions like an ender chest. However other players can steal from it. This personal chest also saves items 10% of the time.

    This setup would mean an item not saved by the personal chest is saved to the server-wide chest.

    There should be a way to set the probability of saving for the server-wide chest and the personal chest. There also should be a way to define the cost to retrieve an item from the server-wide chest and a crafting recipe for the personal chest.

    I was thinking the personal chest could be a blue Shulker box and the server chest could be a cyan Shulker box. Also, the chests should not allow players to place items in them.
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