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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by EnglishTaco, Feb 15, 2014.

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    AS the title says i am looking for a plugin dev, i have had horrible luck on PMC an other websites, as well as googling hoping to find a website, generator or something that could assist with quick development of some plugins i have in mind.

    I dont just have 1 plugin i would like to have created but a small number of plugins. Some i experienced when MC was in beta and am unable to find, as well as others that are a little personal idea of my own.

    If you would like to come on the team of my server as plugin development and are skilled with creating plugins, both simple and semi advanced I would greatly appreciate it.

    We are currently looking to build an official team of staff to help with the server and somebody who knows much about plugins than just configs would be greatly appreciated.

    If you would like to discuss this futher please sumit a responce to this thread and i will review any plugins you have already made on your account. Or you may also submit an inbox message regarding this thread so we can just continue the conversation there.

    SIDE NOTE: If you wish to remain on your own and not come on board as apart of my servers team, you are still welcome to assist with the plugin construction, I would like them posted to bukkit on my own account, with the original Dev given credit for construction of the plugin

    Thank you,
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    As in here on the forums or upload them to your bukkitdev account displayed as your creation?
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    Bukkitdev account (still need to create one, just noticed a little bit ago that i would need a 2nd account for that).

    As i did mention, whoever decided to stepup for this role would have at least 4 plugins atm to contruct, in the long run i would like my server to eventually run off custom plugins that i was apart of making, though the actualy dev of the plugin would be credited for building it. The plugin itself would run off my own account as a source of getting new players to my server.

    If you would like to discuss this futher with me through inbox pyro im sure we could both provide more details to eachother, you with your skills, and myself with the ideas.
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    You are not allowed to ask for personal Plugin developers in the Developement Thread ( i am not sure if u are allowed to in other threads)
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