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    To all those who have stumbled upon my thread.

    I'm looking for a hunger mod that depletes the hunger bar but when it reaches zero it stays like that until you eat and no hunger damage would be great. also when hunger is at zero you have potion effect slowness and but not important mining fatigue, weakness.

    upon my search for such a mod i discovered that factions.vancraft-au.com had a rather peculiar effect that i could not determine wether it was a bug or a mod. such effect was that your hunger depleted to zero and you would receive one damage point and would no longer hurt you leaving you incapable of regaining your health or sprinting until you ate. after consulting with one of the mods on the server he replied that none of the other mods knew what was happening nor did they know if it was a mod or not.

    if such a mod does not exist however i would be greatly appreciative if one could be made and by all means you can take all the credit for i have absolutely no intent on learning how to use java code and so forth(such data and excessive information causes my brain to hurt :p).

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