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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by RealSmileyguy, May 31, 2015.

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    Hello, everyone. Recently, I wanted to download the CommandShops plugin from here, but for some reason, the author decided to delete everything on that post. I did manage to find the github for it though. I was wondering how to compile a usable jar file from the github source. I have googled for hours trying to figure this out, but all the results are extremely ambiguous and unhelpful. Thanks.
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    That github doesn't include any actual java code, the files there are just the files that go with the main code for the program to run properly. The plugin is irretrievable with the links given, sorry dude
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    Well that sucks, no wonder it didn't work. Thanks for the help.
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    Just copy and paste everything into eclipse :p
    That's what I do..
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    No Java code? What's this then?
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    So, I'm confused now. Can I use this plugin? If so, do I just transfer the files in the src folder on github to that in a local plugin?
  7. Clone it to your github, after open it with your code program.
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