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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Donov, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Im looking for a developer to work on my server, long term.
    Their job would be to keep the server secure and upto date.
    Ensuring the mods are working correctly and configured correctly.
    The aim is to have no greif, no lag, and put some of my ideas into action.

    Ideas include adding branding ingame, adjusting some mods to work how I want, incorporating an automated link between the website and ingame features.

    I'd be unable to offer money to start with but the person who gives the right impression will have the incentives explained, i dont expect anything for free.

    for the record, i run a 30 slot multiplay server which I want to expand to 100 slots within 6 months.
    My server has been number 1 on mcserverlist.net in the past for a short time and id like it back there.
    Also im a 22 year old IT technician so im not completely useless, but i do know that if i want my minecraft server to be one of the best i need to outsource some of the work.

    If your interested please email me on: [email protected]
    Include any mods you've made and previous experience, also what languages you can code in.


    - donov
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    I am intrested in this. I have sent you an email with everything.
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