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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by phrstbrn, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Our server is looking for another developer (or developers) to make some projects come to reality. We run a few custom plugins, some which are half finished and need some loving to get off the ground.

    Some of the bigger projects we're working on that need some lovin' in order for them to come to fruition.

    Castle Siege - King of the Hill mini game, where groups take control a castle for prestige and rewards. Players can customize the castle between rounds in order to show their town pride, or build traps and defenses.

    Supernatural RPG - Class based combat plugin. Custom class engine for creating your own classes and skills, built-in leveling system. Questing engine for writing custom quests, generic, repeatable, class specific, scriptable events, questlines, sky is the limit. Profession engine for writing your own professions, giving players money for performing their profession, as well as granting utility skills.

    We also have a few other mini plugins which add fun to our server (and are always looking for more!)

    Sound interesting? Have experience with Java and scripting language experience? Are you creative and can come up with wacky ideas? We'd like to hear from you! Post here and tell us about yourself.
  2. We're also looking for people proficient in things such as PHP and CSS for web design. Phrst is amazing at all of this, but our ambition in greater then what one coder can put out.
    If you want a challenge and a fun experience making custom plugins, give us a shout!
  3. Still looking for additional devs if anyone is interested.
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    I'm a pro at HTML 5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Java, ASP, JSP, and 20+ other ones. I can do the web page! :)

    - MintDev Owner

    I can also help you on the games too!

    - MintDev Owner

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    Wait I can't I'm not a bukkit dev, only a plugin dev.

    - MintDev Owner
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