Looking for BETA TESTERS for Minecraft SMP Social Network

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by RjSowden, Apr 24, 2012.

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    So I'm in the middle of making a plugin which interacts with some social networking scripts. The end result will be a social network that has a live feed on what minecrafters are doing on what servers, seeing other people on that server and following them (meaning people can see people from one server and see what other servers they go on, and the like). I've got the server-side mostly done now. its called MCBase (http://mcbase.uk.to/).

    You sign up on a server with the plugin running (entering your email and password - sending is encrypted, before you ask). You are instantly added to the network, and all your online mine-crafting activity is posted like this:
    rjsowden: Just got killed by blueshirtaylor @
    Obvs, Thats an example, the IP address would be the servers IP and blueshirtaylor would be tagged to the post if he had an account. Of course, people can also comment on activities and post/message just the same as they do on facebook.


    The only problem is, I've not got a very powerful development computer, so to test it would take an age for every little bug or suggestion.

    So what i'm asking is - 5 to 10 people as PRIVATE beta testers for this new social networking plugin. Once we've got all the bugs worked out, pehaps a public beta. then roll out on about 25% of major servers, at which point other servers feel they have to join in. If/Once the system goes live I guess I'll give you some sort of website privalige like being an admin and credited on bukkit dev?

    I'm not paying people, as I myself am a broke 15 year old who barley got into this plugin programming 6 months ago. But then all you'd need to do is run a server, try and login and see how the whole thing works, and report back to me any suggestions or errors.

    Reply back to this if your interested, or even if you just think that is a good idea.
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    i like the idea ;)
    can i help you? a friend and me have a little server, but if we can help you, i'll do it with pleasure,
    also i can try to help you programming, if you want ;)
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    Sorry for the slow response, had a job interview and also needed to check that vital plugin parts didn't break.
    The first download is here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/minebase/files/1-minebase-0-01/
    It will have errors or parts that do not appear to behave. In particular, I'd like the "Player kills Player" status' tested
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