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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TNTUP, Oct 31, 2013.

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    Hey people, sorry if I sound noobish here, im looking for a skyblock plugin for my server. I tried uSkyBlock but it seems it misses stuff in the chest (I did a test server and it has more stuff in the chest) and a player noticed me its not the "real" skyblock island...

    So I deleted that plugin because I guess its a remade plugin... Does anyone knows better skyblock plugin w/ multiworld?

    I did a search in bukkit plugins but I can't think they're good and popular.. I saw uSkyBlock had 111k downloads... but it seems I dont like it. Misses stuff.

    Thanks in advance
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    TNTUP Can you help me, how do I make the skyblock world with uskyblock
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    I can make this plugin for you if you want.
    Add me on skype: Miku est Triste
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    It should automatically generate.
    If you have multiverse, type /mv list.
    If you can't see it type: /mv create skyworld NORMAL -g uSkyBlock
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    Uskyblock, works with 1.5.2 and 1.6 bukkit, no problems for me
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    Yeah I know but the problem idk why I don't like it... I did a test server and it had much more stuff (Though I didn't changed anything in the config) then I added it in my server and it had less stuff in the chest :/ I guess probably a plugin is preventing it?

    Mhm I prefer downloading plugins from Thanks for offering your time for me Barnaxx, but I don't know you and about skype I'm french. :S

    I guess I dont have the choice to use uSkyBlock one.. Im like on hold cause I wanted it on my server but I dislike it because its not the same as my test server :/
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    The best skyblock plugin is IslandWorld and it is updated to the newest version.
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    Mhm thanks! I will try it if it fits my needs :p But first ill try it on a test server.
    I checked the plugin page and I checked player comments and I see it has bugs so... will do tests on mah test server
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    If you don't like the default island then use the schematics feature it has (read up on it). The schematics are also a great way to reward donators. They can get cooler islands or start with a slight advantage.
  10. I would agree that IslandWorld is slightly superior compared to USkyblock. Players also seem to like IslandWorld better. What mack2540 stated is very accurate as well, the plugin itself is your foundation. It is still up to you as a server owner to create custom schematics to add some uniqueness to your Skyblock experience. You can also create some custom challenges.
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    Thanks guys for the great help, I will try it =) but I saw bugs in comments should I care about this?
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    TNTUP try it out I can't hurt
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    Problem with IslandWorld is, when you have HomeSpawnPlus. It will screw HSP totaly
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