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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AnthonyS1337, Dec 6, 2017.

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    I'm creating a new server, it's opening in a few days. I'm currently looking for a plugin that does a few things. I shall list them for you:

    1. When a new player joins for the first time a firework will spawn underneath them (not a real requirement, would just be pretty dope - I've seen this on other servers.)
    2. When a new player joins for the first time there will be a counter that marks the amount of new players have joined the server, whenever a new player joins the counter will increase by one, it would also be pretty cool if there was capacity to have special events when we reach new milestones.

    Any other features would also be appreciated, "the more the merrier". If you know a plugin that would be perfect for this, please reply to this thread as I am looking for one :)

    Thank you for your time! :)

    EDIT: The Version is Spigot(Bukkit) 1.9
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    How would this counter be displayed? What sort of special events are you looking for (Commands to be issued? Features from other plugins?)

    I don't think there is any plugin like this current out there. You can make a Plugin Requests posts and someone might make this plugin for you.
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    Sorry if I didn't make it more clearer, should've added more to this post, though I wrote it at 4 AM I believe.

    First, it would just be displayed in chat "%player% has joined The Server! Welcome to %servername% and then it would display a specific number depending on how many players have joined the server.

    I wasn't looking for Specific Events, I'm looking on getting into Java so I just needed capability for events to be integrated into the plugin, such as an automatic drop party at 100, 250, 500, 1000 players, aswell as some other events - if the events are already in an existing plugin, that would be amazing, though just being able to add them in is more than enough.

    I've definitely seen the counter around though, so if I don't get another response by a few hours, I'll see if I can get a request made. Thank you for your time @Zombie_Striker
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    I might make it when I have time... Probably it's not too hard...
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    @AnthonyS1337 Here you go.
    Currently the fireworks' properties is not configurable and I might change this if you think it's necessary.
    Put the file into the plugins folder then change the extension to .jar and you are done!
    It has milestones too!
    If you have bugs, feel free to report it to me! :D

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    Amazing, I'm sorry for taking so long to getting around to seeing this message, really didn't expect anyone to actually create one for me and was so close to giving up looking for one. Thank you very much leduyquang! I'll check it out right now!
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    Oh, no problem. :) I was just wandering around the forum for an idea of a new plugin and you inspired me a lot! Also, you can check the WelcomeNoob project here.
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