Looking for a plugin that edits the world through the console

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Black Ice, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Black Ice

    Hi. I'm just starting out on my own server, and I need a way to automate some key actions in the game. It's is a PvP minigame server, and I need a way to remove blocks and revert either the entire map or parts of it to a backup.

    I'm thinking of buying a dedicated server, so I will need a way to automate the placing/removing/restoration of blocks. though the console.

    I am currently using WorldEdit and WorldGuard to do this, but I have to be in-game and they cannot be used from the console.

    Is there a plugin that can do this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I suppose this is possible, but the co-ords would have to be the exact same each match.

    Edit: Wait, are you wanting your map to be refreshed to the same starting one each time?
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    Black Ice

    I want the map to be reset using a backup after the game is over without shutting down the server so that the same players can play another round. I thought about doing this using WorldEdit and WorldGuard, but they cannot be used in this way without being ingame.
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    The server will have to be reset, but it will be turned back on automatically.
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    Importing a world from a backup needs a shutdown of the server.
    But it's possible also if the World is loaded in files blocks by blocks by the plugin and modified then.
    But it means a HUGE lag for some minutes.
    And I think a shutdown is better and less annoying
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    Black Ice

    Okay. I'm currently doing it manually while ingame by selecting regions and reverting them using WorldGuard's snapshot feature, and it doesn't require a restart. But if it has to restart in order to be automated, I can live with it.
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    Changing chunks with WG is easy.
    Changing all chunks in a world (1000+ for a little world) will takes more time and will be more alggy than a restart
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    The server doesnt need to shut down there just needs to be no one in that particular world which is being reset, i think multiverse adventures may be the plugin u are looking for. Works well for me. It creates a back up version of the world prior to it being used then when no players are in the world it will restore the entire world in about 5 seconds with no lag. It had caused my server to crash once or twice but since updating craftbukkit a week ago i have had no probs so make sure ur running the latest reccomended build. Getting support for it tho is next to impossible.

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    You might consider disabling the save function and restarting the server after each map. There are plugins that automate restarts, so you may want to look into a suitable one
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    Black Ice

    This looks good, I'll try this out.
    Now I just need a voting system that starts the game when everyone is ready, and I should be good to go.

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