Looking for a good and dedicated developer to take over SimpleClans

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by phaed, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Due to life changes I have zero free time and will not be able to continue SimpleClans development. I am looking for a dedicated dev to take over SimpleClans. Must have real dev experience (outside of minecraft) and must be dedicated, meaning you wont disappear and leave the project to die any time soon. I would effectively be making you maintainer on bukkitdev, a collaborator on the github and hand you ownership of the direction of the plugin.

    With MC1.0 there are so many new things to add like a potions screens, etc, there is a lot of expansion potential. This plugin is used by many many many servers and players who rely on it. Let me know if you are up for the job. Send me a PM with your experience. Thx.
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    Hi there,

    Please let me know when can we discuss regarding the same?
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