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  1. So, because I am not sure whether or not these exists (and I have multiple features I need so multiple plugins may be needed), I am not going to use the recommended format. Instead, I'll give an explanation about what I need to see if you guys can help me search for a plugin that does the requested task.

    - "Domination" - I am looking for a plugin that works somewhat like this gamemode. However, instead of it being a "gamemode", I can set up sectors where a group of players (via permissions) can control it by having the most kills within the sector. I would like it if they had some sort of buff for owning that sector while IN the sector. Make a few sectors have permanent owners. The game should not have a time limit since the server is supposed to be a 24/7 type of game. I found a plugin that does something similar to what I am looking for, but I get an error whenever I use /ews gen while in game. EpicWar

    - "Perm Potions" - Found it: PermaPotions

    - "Invisibility" - I need a plugin that allows a player to go invisible while shifting next to a certain block (while standing still). Also, it has to have a cooldown of when they can go back to being invisible if they are hit, fire an arrow, etc. A permission node for seeing these invisible players is needed.

    - "Contribution Point System" - A way for a player to get points for doing certain activities. When a player brings an item back to their team's base, it gets taken away and they get points. When a player kills another player they get points. Would prefer it if I were able to assign multipliers based on what kind of sector they are in (enemy, neutral, team). I.E, enemy sector = 3x point multiplier, neutral 1x point multiplier, team= 2x point multiplier. Would be nice if it has a built in store system that allowed players to purchase items using contribution points. The ability to add custom items within the store (custom lore/name/etc) is needed.

    - "Loot Crates" - Ability to find "crates" in a chest around the map in each sector that they can bring back to their base. Each crate will give a certain amount of points and a certain amount of items to the team's store for the team players to buy.

    - "Summoning Ability" - Give permission for each group to have the ability to summon a beast/animal they can ride. For example, player from Team A can summon a chicken by right clicking with a certain item while player from Team B can summon a pig. Upon death, the player's animal will disappear and they will have to get the certain item again in order to summon another.

    There may be a few more things that I am currently missing and I may add later. Thank you.
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  3. JordyPwner How? Is this not a plugin request?
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    Sorry i edited the message but it didnt :p (i looked wrong) Sorry for this :p
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    What sector and what base? We can't read minds.
  6. Skionz The sectors defined using the plugin I described under "domination".

    I found a plugin that does something similar to what I want (what I described under "domination"), but I get an error when I use it to generate the sectors.

    Error log:


    Any ideas as to what's causing it?
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    TehMinecraftPoke Yes, they attempt to use a null value so an NPE is thrown.
  8. Skionz So it is a plugin problem and not a server/conflict problem?
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    @TehMinecraftPoke Its a problem in the SectorGenCommand class on line 35. So no it isn't a server issue but a problem with the plugin
  10. Skionz Darn. I thought I found the plugin I was looking for.

  11. bwfcwalshy Thanks, I was looking at that plugin earlier. I'll probably use it, I just wanted to see if there were any more options.

    Would you happen to know of a plugin that does what I need under "domination"? The plugin "EpicWar" does what I need but it doesn't work.
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