Looking for a couple new developers for our team!

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    Deviant Evil is seeking two new bukkit developers to join its development team.

    Deviant Evil's dev team works on both in-house and public release plugins. Joining the team will get you access to a great pool of ideas and a help system when your stuck or need help debugging!

    This is not a free job and the more involved you become with the team and Deviant Evil the more you will be compensated.

    Discussions regarding compensation and time commitments can be had via skype on ventrilo!

    Kjhf heads our development team, he is a active developer here on the bukkit forums and does a great job!

    If you are intrested you can post below or PM me.

    Thanks everyone who reads this, and a extra thanks to all the plugin developers out there! :D
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    Is there a skill required for this? I mean i'm not saying im EPIC or fail material i've been around some time and have basically learnt Java from Bukkit :D anyway names th3hutch on skype and I can get Vent if you want PM me if interested :p
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    I'll see if I can help out.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I can help out in my free time. daniel.heppner1 on skype.

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