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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ben657, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Hey bukkit forums!

    I'm starting up a server, I had one before until i ran into money problems and college exams, and now I'm starting up a new one!

    The thing is, what I want to do is home code almost everything but the most complex plugins, so general commands, money and all that will be done myself (and you if you choose to help), but complex things with databases and such i will use a pre-made plugin from one of the great developers on here.

    So what would I like?

    I'm planning on being the lead developer, so what I'd like is someone who is willing to just give me a hand with it, not for pay (at the moment), but just for fun, and obviously a place on the server!

    So if you like making plugins and think you'd like to help, either reply here or send me a PM!

    FYI: I'd like to keep the team small, so only one or two extra guys will be taken on.

    And my timezone is GMT so something near there would be preferable!
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    I would love to help i have made simple plugins and still updating them "InfoX"
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    Thanks for the interest, sent you a PM with some details ^^

    Just added a little extra, would be preferable if the person was nearby the GMT timezone.

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    I'm GMT-5 (Eastern Time Standard, located in New York). I'm not sure if I could help you with it.
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    Send me a pm with your skype and if youve done any other plugins, a link, i'll see if you can help ^^
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    I don't have Skype, although I have steam.
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    Sounds fun. I'm also EST (GMT - 5). I'll pm you my skype, and my plugins are in my sig.
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