Look At Items In Chest, But NOT Able To Take!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by samwood, May 31, 2014.

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    Could anybody make a plugin for me that allows players to be able to open the chest, but not be able to take the items out of it?
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    Sounds easy, will take a look at it in few days, will let you know, does it needs to be for every player?
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    Be more specific on your request. Would you do this for every chest in the game, would players be able to put stuff into the chest? The plugin should be easy, for you developers wondering. Cancel the Inventory event which fires when the player clicks an item. Been a while since I've coded anything myself so I don't quite remember what the event was called. It could be as simple as IntentoryClickEvent ;)
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    You made FakeMessenger?! Wow I have had that on every server I've owned. Sorry to get off topic but yeah.
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    Haha! Thanks for recognizing me ;)

    Anything you'd like added to it? I've been stuck with school for a while now so haven't really been on the forums much.

    Either way, thanks again ^^ Made my day
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    Hey I need to ask you to help man, can you get a vpn/proxy (So no ip's are stolen) and make a skype? or have team speak?
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