Login/Logout Lag and iConomy Lag

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheNander, Oct 17, 2011.

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    When I am on my server and regardless of how many people are on the server. The ENTIRE server lags for a good 10 seconds whenever someone is logging in. Also, when someone is logging in, when they are downloading the terrain it takes much longer than usual (roughly 15-45 sec.). The part where it says logging in is almost instantaneous, but the downloading terrain screen takes forever. I also noticed that whenever a plugin uses iConomy it lags in whatever iConomy-related activity it does as well as lagging the rest of the server in some cases.

    Cases I've noticed:
    - Creating an NPC with citizens.
    - Any mob bounty/custom mob-drop plugin all mobs on the server lag once you kill one and are waiting.
    - Just typing /money
    - Any command that uses /money

    My server specs according to the redstonehost.com order page:

    1.45GB Dedicated RAM.
    2GB Burst RAM.
    100Mbit/s Uplink speed.
    RAMDisk Powered.

    OS: CentOS (I think. It's a template Redstonehost gave me.) x86_64
    CB Version: 1317
    Java Version: Java 7

    In case anyone was wondering BukkitCompat is this plugin McMyAdmin adds as what I think is a dependency to help it communicate to the bukkit server better. Not sure, but pretty sure. I know MCMA added it though.
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    Try removing all plugins.
    Try running it with plugins, but without the wrapper.
    Try running the exact server files on your local computer.
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    Removing all plugins fixes the problem. running with all the plugins and without the wrapper doesnt work. Am going to try it on my own computer.
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    OK, I did all that you said and I noticed on my own computer it takes a full 1.5 seconds to return my iconomy balance with /money
    I think it may be the fact I have minecraft running on server X and my mysql database along with my website is on a different vps. So maybe it needs to get my balance from mysql, send it to the minecraft, then send it to my client. Should I tell iConomy to store its data in files instead? I plan on having much more users online in the future so I'm not sure if thats a good option. On the bright side, I poked around and fixed the login/logout lag. Still getting iconomy lag.
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    Its Pex. Update to a dev build of it
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    Alright then, thanks. But how is it Pex?
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    There was an issue with superperms of pex, anyone with a "*" node (even a "node.node.*" could cause lag issues) would lag servers on join.

    Let me know if this fixes the issue for you.
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    Ah, thats why. Thanks.
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    If this worked for you great! Please notice a dev build of PEX is likely to break some of your permissions. Mostly of any plugin that doesn't support PEX directly and only through superperms. I haven't tried the different builds of pex but if you find one that doesn't break superperms, let me know. =D
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    Alright, thanks! It worked. Now I just need to fix iConomy. I think it might be that my MC server is in paris, france and the VPS with the MySQL DB is on my webserver/VPS in phoenix, AZ. The delay was shorter when I ran the server on my own computer, but theres still a delay
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