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    I need timer the alive time of player for all player and log it.
    when player die. timer start is "0" again.

    logger can save in mysql for the web ranking

    sorry for my english . and thanks ^^
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    Did you only want this for connected players at that time? or did you want it for all players that have ever connected since the plugin was installed?

    Either is doable, i've done a few plugins that track similar things just not this particular type of thing.

    What should it do if the player disconnects? should it reset it to 0 or should it keep adding on to the time?

    Once i have that information, i can basically whip up a plugin for you in about 10mins.
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    When player disconnect the alive time will save for next login.
    The alive time of player will be " of " if only player die
    Thank for interest me , and I so need this plugin T..T
    if you have this plugin . please give to me ....

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