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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ikuzami, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.13.2

    Suggested name: MRPLockpicks

    What I want: I'd like a plugin in which you could execute a /lockpick command on certain locked doors and it would open them after 10s, during those 10 seconds you'd hear the minecraft zombie door breaking sound in a perimeter of 10 blocks around the player (could be edited in config). It'd be nice if it came with text messages such as 'You're now lockpicking the door' & such which would also be modifiable in config.

    Possibly a way to add certain doors to a lockpickable list, once these doors are added it'd lock it if opened normally but it'd also have the possibility of being lockpicked. Any other door would not be, however.

    Ideas for commands: /addlockdoor (while aiming the door, it'd add the aimed door to the list). /lockpick, once looking at the door it'd let you lockpick it.

    Ideas for permissions: lockpick.add (adding doors), lockpick.use (/lockpick)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible!
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    BUMP! still need this :)
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    I have a few questions for this plugin. Firstly I want to know what you mean by "locked doors". Do you use a plugin to lock them, do you need the locking mechanic to be implemented or do you mean something else by this?

    Secondly, will the player be frozen in place for those 10s or can he move away and thus cancelling the lockpicking progress?

    And lastly, after player lockpicks the door, does it automatically lock back after certain time or does it stay unlocked until someone locks it again?

    Kind regards
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    1. Either just use blocklocker's locked doors probably do-able with their API. Or make your own locking system like, /addlock or something?

    2. No, the player can leave the given area, and yes this will cancel the lockpicking process.

    3. Yeah, it could go back to its locked state after like 5/10 min? Maybe configurable via config.
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    Sorry that this took a bit longer, but I was quite busy past few days. However I managed to develop and do quite some testing on this plugin, so it should hopefully work fine on the first try. Below will be a detailed documentation of the plugin and how it works.

    In this plugin I also implemented my own door locking mechanism, which will also be explained below.


    lockpick.add -
    gives player ability to add|remove locks from doors and make doors lockpickable (default: op)
    lockpick.use - gives player ability to lockpick doors (default: op)


    /addlock - locks the door the player is looking at (only he/she will be able to open it)
    /removelock - removes lock from the door (player must be owner of the door to remove lock)

    /addlockdoor - makes the door lockpickable to anyone
    /removelockdoor - removes the ability to lockpick the doors

    /lockpick - starts lockpicking the door the player is facing


    Configuration file is already commented and is pretty self explanatory, so it's very easy to navigate around it.

    All player saved doors will be stored in the config whenever plugin stops (server shutdown, plugin reload, etc..) under section named "data". Please do not modify this section as its self generated.

    In case of any questions, issues or further requests, feel free to send a message in this thread ^-^

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    Hello, I see that you stated that if you add a lock, only the player who uses the command can open that door, you should make a command to add players to a door so others can also open it, apart from lockpicking it!

    I'm only suggesting, hopefully the original thread creator will agree.

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