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    Plugin category: Chat Related

    Suggested name: LocalOnly

    What I want: A plugin which allows players to do /local and talk in a set radius, so for example i would like to set the radius to 130 blocks, however this plugin should only come with local and not global because I want to keep using essentials chat but for players who want to talk who are near each other should be able to use /local. I know there are many plugins featuring local however they include Global which I don't want, I want it so that players can roleplay on there plot without having to /msg because you can send a message to only one person. I would also like it so these players can see normal chat as well. It should work a little like /msg where you can still see the whole chat but the msg is private, I would like the same to be done with local.

    Ideas for commands: /local (It would be great if you could toggle speaking in local with /local)

    Ideas for permissions: local.use (To be able to use the command to /local)
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    I've finished the plugin, you can download it here.


    Disabled player's that are within an enabled player's radius won't be able to hear their local chat messages unless they've enabled themselves to, unless you want me to change that.

    The local chat radius is configurable.

    Command: /local
    Permission: local.use (Default: op)

    Note: This plugin has not been approved by the DBO Staff, so please use this at your own risk.
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    Please mark as solved.
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    COuld u make local within 100 blocks, Also have a &7[LOCAL] Prefix and if ur in global and in 100 blocks u can hear local but because ur in global when u speak it goes to global and to get to global fo /global with a &b[G] Prefix

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