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    Also like the plugin, but check this: Oct 20, 2013
    Then look at the creation date of this request :p
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    Good point. lol
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    timtower Thanks, I just saw the front page where the news was posted. I actually managed to successfully run your tool, I think. The workaround was to run it from the console and let no one log onto the server.
    Sorry, but that is still not what the OP was asking for. If you haven't been following the news, there is a bug where structures weren't generated correctly and they will not work correctly when the map carries over to 1.7. EXISTING structures. Emphasis on existing. Both the OP and I needed a tool that loaded existing chunks so that the structures could be resaved back to disk.

    BillyGalbreath Hmm, okay, rereading the description I think I see what you were saying. The key point I think was getting lost in the part where it where also generate chunks in empty spaces. I dunno about the OP, but that's not the part I want ;). If it means ugly walls in the future after 1.7 hits, so be it.

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  4. Why does no one use the utility plugin bukkit created (for this, see the 1.7 PSA post.)
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    Datdenkikniet Because the utility is a day old? I certainly didn't know about it before 30 minutes ago.
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    Thanks for explaining it, lots of people kept saying to use worldborder but nobody said why it was what i wanted.
    It would have actually worked.
    But in the end we decided just to move our spawn to a new random location 25,000 blocks from 0, 0 and start 1.7.2 off there.
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