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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by iKeirNez, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. When searching BukkitDev recently I have continuously noticed tones of forum posts occuring before the actual plugins, take Essentials for example. If you search BukkitDev for Essentials, the actual plugin will only occur at the very bottom of page 4.

    It would be great if this could be changed so that Plugins are listed before forum posts.

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    if you're searching for a plugin, click server mods, then scroll down to the filter instead of trying to use the search.
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    Step 1:
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    Click on "More"... [​IMG]

    Step 2:
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    Search "Plugin Releases or Plugin Submissions for your plugin:
  4. Okay!

    That's only for the Bukkit Forums, not BukkitDev
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    I find that a much better place to search.
    I actually never thought of that :(
  6. Wow thanks, I kinda prefer the look on that one too!
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    Why doesn't the "getPlugins" on the top right of the forums link there instead? Just about every plugin has a bukkitdev page, and the forums are full of outdated projects. Not to mention that I don't see many plugins getting moved from submissions to releases...
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    Because we still have a few things to get done before we officially move everything to BukkitDev.
  9. Hmm I like the forum method too, my plugin CommandsEX was getting about 50 downloads a day, since posting it on the forums it has blown up and is getting about 1000 a night. We hit 1000 just before version 1.70 which was released about 2 weeks ago. We still haven't released a new version and we are just over 4000.

    Also if it is on the forum then people are more likely to leave a reply because the forum is a more convenient way of leaving a reply.

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    Well, I think part of you getting more hits is the Get Plugins button, which links there. Most people don't search bukkitdev, and since new projects aren't being approved and put into the appropriate forum, they can't get added to the search. Thus you get a large amount of old plugins when you try searching, mainly because new ones aren't being accepted.

    h31ix Any idea when you guys are going to switch over?
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    We will get that link changed. It should point to the search.

    There are some very valid reasons for why we have not changed over entirely yet (we've tried to be transparent about those reasons, they are listed in various other threads), but I assure you we are working with Curse on a regular basis to fill in the remaining gaps. Curse is dedicated to providing us the experience we crave, and Bukkit is committed to making that happen. I hesitate to say when, as we obviously jumped the gun once on the announcement where we said the forums are being phased out, so I do not want to make the same mistake.
  12. Yeah, It would be awesome if we could have BukkitDev and the forum? Because I think BukkitDev is better for organisation and updating the plugin whereas I feel the forums are better for feedback and replies.
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    Add the forum function to your Bukkitdev project.
  14. Will look into that! Thanks :)
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