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    Well the title says it all, have looked around and through pages of request so sorry if already one i didnt see and if there is one please point it out :p
    Basic use = Information, help, direction to server website or tuts, youtube vids etc
    Plugin category:
    unsure? soz lol

    Suggested name:
    Link me? Show me? take me? oh yeah big boy :D ....sorry couldnt resist the pun!
    A bit about me:
    I will only talk boll*** and bore ya ! lol

    What I want:

    A menu or list that which you can configure so the user hits one of many buttons available (or types /link 4) and automatically it opens their browser to the displayed link.

    Ideas for commands:
    just assign to a key for menu if using spout ? or /links

    Ideas for permissions:
    have nodes to put in the perms with title (or number) of link as part of permission node?
    When I'd like it by:

    Similar plugin requests:
    couldnt find any
    Devs who might be interested in this:
    telepathic abilities not that great sorry.

    Personally would like on Spout with a GUI but using the chat it would still be cool and then be open to all clients.
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    I don't think this is actually possible without a client sided mod able to open pages.

    Because the normal minecraft client doesn't support such a feature. Also I see such a feature as a bit of an unsafe feature. Considering someone could also link to viruses and what not. And I dont know if spout supports opening browsers on a clients pc but I kinda doubt it if I am honest
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    I'm sure you could rip apart a webpage and display its text in chat, but opening a browser would be impossible without sprout.

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