List Of plugins not Ready for NEXT RB

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by RustyDagger, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I think it would be wise to have a list of plugins on the forum that are Currently Not ready for 1.2 Or R5

    I can start it off with:

    Xcraftgate: Dev has gone poof no updates in months.
    essentials: Suspect they have dev builds ready but not released yet that I can find.

    Few others im unsure about:

    borderGuard: > very old plugin but still works a treat.

    Please add to the list its for public knowledge saves every server owner scanning the forum looking around all over for updates.
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    I'm not sure how useful this is at this point, considering R5 hasn't technically come out (and is going to be called R6 now?) and many plugin developers are waiting to release their plugins when that happens. Still, this is what failed for me on my test server: (b1986)

    BananaChunk (probably won't be updated)
    BOSEconomy (no obvious dev links, but update is probably in store)
    EnderCrystalizer (may or may not be updated, but we'll probably get another solution)
    iChat (not sure why this isn't working right now, but he'll be on it)
    Multiverse (i'm sure they'll be on it, but even dev version didn't work... maybe i'm having some unrelated issue)
    JukeboxControl (someone linked a working version, though)
    OtherDrops (developer is active right now, so we'll probably be seeing an update)
    Redstone Clock Detector (who knows)
    Vault (most definitely will be updated, but no dev versions available as far as I can see)

    These plugins had an issue with the Enderman pickup event, but probably otherwise function:

    WorldGuard (the dev version works!)
    Deadbolt (he released a version to fix this, but it's broken currently)

    Also, Logblock dev version works with R5, but their Jenkins is currently down.
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    Updated BorderGuard just for you.
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    Pretty much every plugin relying on the old event system just died. I hope Factions gets updated soon.
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    "OtherDrops (developer is active right now, so we'll probably be seeing an update)" Will be updated soon, he was already working on it.
    As for the other ones I use them all and really hope they get updated. =/
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    I think you will find its already working with the New RB i use it and i had it running on a R5 build of craftbukkit last night just fine i did however lose all my factions data lucky for me i had a back up just a warning there for ya BACK IT UP !!
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    It's going to be a long list.
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    Don Redhorse

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    lol trying to start over from the large Nuclear storm i see? in my opinion let the old unneeded plugins die and start fresh. we dont need multiples of plugins.
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    Its so we can inform server owners, who rely on the plugins.
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    Would be far easier to create a list of plugins that do work.

    99% of plugins don't work at all.

    The only thing I got to run smoothly was CraftIRC 3
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    Besides the old event system, the old configuration system has also been removed. I just grabbed the source code of the most obscure plugins my server uses and updated those things, then compiled the jars. Works fine.
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