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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by black_ixx, Apr 4, 2013.

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    yeah I did say that. Believe me tons of people would be pissed and no I would not want to deal with that.

    what I meant about discussions of these kinds of topics is that it is nice to still see them, I know a lot of communities after a few years start getting rid of unwanted topics
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    I think that you should be able to post unofficial builds IF you post the download link and say that this is NOT affiliated with BukkitDev at all and say that it is going to be downloaded from an external site.
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    Yes, but they are a compromise that are on a rather sporadic basis, for all we know you could have simply given a specific website template we need to follow to allow unapproved downloads and disallowed everything else, and the this discussion would have popped up regardless. As I've said countless amount of times in here, I accept your decision and I'm grateful that you allow these, but the comparison from Gravity was rather off and would not fit the bukkit environment.
    However, I believe that such discussions, whether they be contradicting to your ideas or not, are healthy for such an open-source and seemingly open-minded development environment like ours.

    For all we know, someone could come up with a perfect solution, although I believe such, which would please both sides, does not exist.

    I really hope that you are not picking my seemingly "complaint" post as such, because, and maybe call me delusional, I believe that someone might come up with some sort of plan/idea/method that will make you go "Ah, that's something we might consider". :) I don't think that it can be said enough, but you are definitely doing a fantastic job as it is, but discussion is always healthy no matter what the topic.
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    CreeperShift you keep saying that, although you don't understand our reasoning, you accept our decision. Just a few posts later you seem to be bringing up the same issues over and over again.

    Please, if you have a specific question about our policies, ask. We can explain these things. If you have a specific concern about a policy and details to back it up, please make it known. Otherwise, you're pretty much asking for us to have a "healthy discussion" about these really meta details, that is just responding to and breaking down analogies or deciding whether or not our rules are "sporadic".

    Regarding the last point I might bring up your earlier message:
    Unless you have an actual basis for suggestion or a change of the rules, please don't continue to reply to everything and bring up topics that you claim you already accept. Doing so isn't healthy discussion, it's just a chance to repeat ourselves.
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    On the subject of linking to unapproved files: Why does the "File updates" subscription option email everyone subscribed a link to the unapproved file as soon as it's uploaded and not when its approved?
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    And just because I accept something I'm not allowed to further discuss it? I think it's mostly you staff quoting me, not the other way around. Who says I'm always trying to convince you? Am I not allowed to discuss this with other bukkit members?

    If you quote me on it, I'll reply on it. However, I'll leave here now because obviously I can't discuss stuff freely. Just don't quote me with a comparison that makes no sense.
    Already unwatched the thread, don't bother to tag/quote me, I won't reply anymore just as you requested.
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    We enjoyed this discussion. Its good to be reminded of how our policies are viewed by members of our community.
  8. I would close the thread with this conclusion:

    The goal of the Bukkit Staff is to offer the people plugins and stuff without risks. Nobody has to be afraid that a file contains malware or any bad things.

    To prevent the people from downloading malicious plugins, it's not allowed to link players to any kind of not approved files. Except CI Servers.

    Why CI?
    The people trust Bukkit. But when they open a link to a CI they leave Bukkit. They know that there are risks on other websites although nobody who tries to spread his bad plugin will setup a whole CI:
    I would not create a CI for a little plugin too. But if it's really important you can tell it the Bukkit Staff and they will approve your file faster. It's also allowed to link the people with private messages.

    But why CIs are allowed but other websites are not? What's the difference?
    That's a bit hard to explain, but I'll try to give you some points:
    • At websites people advertise (at least a part of the devs)
    • The websites could contain lots of annoying advertising windows, hidden downloadlinks, malwares etc.
    • Some people would stop uploading files at bukkit because at their own site they get money
    • Websites can always be changed
    • I don't want Bukkit to become like other sides, where it takes years to find the download button or where you have to use pages like "adfly"
    • etc.
    Read the whole discussion if you want more arguments!

    You still don't get it? Then read the whole discussion too!
    You have already read the whole thread? Answer/Create a new one BUT you need clear arguments. It won't help to say "This rule sucks/this is bad". The Bukkit Staff needs ideas about what they can improve.
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    If you don't have the patience to wait for a free service to check for malicious things, then host it your self somewhere else.
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