Limited World Edit for Creative Servers

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by LamboHD, Aug 31, 2014.

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    Hey guys, I have a fairly small creative server and I remembered I saw a few other servers using world edit, but not like admin world edit. The server would process each world edit command one at a time, since if there are a lot of players using it at the same time the server would crash, so every time a player uses a world edit command it places it in a command queue so that the console performs each command one at a time.
    If you know what plugin I'm referring to, I would greatly appreciate it if you told me what its called, or if you know any plugin similar then that would also be very helpful.
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    This would be very useful.
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    Anyone know?
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    Asyncworldedit is what your talking about I think. It breaks coreprotect worldedit logging, but it reduces/stops lag.

    Through, I don't think bukkit likes it. It is on the spigot forums.
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    Necrodoom im not trying to disrespect im trying to clarify. We aren't allowed to link plugins that use only the bukkit api that aren't from bukkit? Why can we just say use this but use it at your own risk because it wasn't approved by bukkit staff like most download links here?
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    That's what I saw, I just didn't realize it was Spigot. Thanks anyways :)

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