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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by 1figof4, Aug 9, 2021.

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    I need someone to make a plugin its very simple, when you die from a player you loose a heart, when you kill a player you gain a heart! Once you get to one heart you have to kill players to get you hearts back. One thing to note I don't want mobs to take peoples heart.

    No commands really only one like
    /lsreset {player} -> resets the players hearts to the default Minecraft account.
    /resethearts -> resets all the players hearts to the default Minecraft account.

    I just want everyone to be able to use the plugin.
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    I should be able to make you this plugin. But I have a question. If a player kills you, you should lose one heart instead of dying right? So if a mob kills you, should you just die or should mobs not be able to make you damage? And do you want any permission requierment for the commands? so not everyone can reset the hearts?
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    Hey there, I tried myself on this small request.

    I implemented all your commands and features:
    Players gain one (1) heart when killing a player and lose one (1) heart when they get killed by a player.

    The two commands that you requested are also implemented. (Same syntax you mentioned)
    However because there are no permission everyone can use it like you stated.

    Also I capped so you cant drop below one heart, if you have something else in mind ask me.

    This plugin was written for MC 1.17.1
    Tested with Spigot and Bukkit Server

    Download can be found here
    And as .zip attachted on this post.

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