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Discussion in 'Resources' started by PatPeter, Aug 26, 2011.

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    alta189 wrote retry and retryResult. I knew that retryResult caused an infinite loop and originally commented it out, but then I added it back in for what I assume was to fix it only to forget about it. Thanks for the code rewrite, I'll try to get it in the next version.
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    I'm getting the "Too many connections", can you please post the update (or just put it on github).
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    I'm getting a weird issue. So when I make a query to insert a new entry it doesn't toss any error, it returns the data when requested. But in my database I don't see the entry? Any idea behind this?

    Code I'm using to insert.
    plugin.db.query("INSERT INTO kblb VALUES ('"+sender.getName()+"', 0, 0, 0.00)");

    or perhaps it's returning a defaulted value? Also do names with an underscore in it make for difficulties?

    Edit: Got everything working now it seems. But in-case you look at this before I work it out. How should I do a Top 10 using a Order by also. I tried TOP but it gave me a query error.

    EDIT 2: Instead of trying to do both I just did an ORDER BY and then did an if statement inside a loop making it only grab so many rows. Might not be the most efficient way though so if you have a better solution feel free to let me know :D
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    Andreas Brisner

    When using
    PreparedStatement ps = mysql.prepare(String);
    How do you query it? the mysql.query takes string as input.

    Or have I misunderstood how to even use this library?
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    I would watch the video but it is private for some reason...
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    Wait, where's the download?
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    Are you still working on this?
    Can I do queries on an async task?
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    Could someone post a link to the download?

    edit: nevermind grabbed it out of fuzzyslippers42's github
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    I found lot of errors in the SQLite library :/
    It's always locked,i have manually close the resultsets and connections,and the retryQuery and retryResult crash the server,because they're making infinite loops.
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    Where is the download link?
    Even if you're not working on this project you can give us the link

    Excuse my very very bad English :D It's very bad i know
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    Since this seems to be bugged anybody have suggestions for other similar SQLite/MySQL "wrappers"
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    Yeah, sorry everyone. I fixed all of the things I broke in dumb attempts to fix a problem on Linux servers. The problem is I was notified that my code should be on GitHub (why the download link is no longer there). Around the time I was putting my code on GitHub I lost ~200 tabs to an update and haven't worked on it since, not to mention the mound of work I have to do IRL.

    I might be able to upload the long-overdue fix this weekend, no promises though.
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    i would really appreciate the update. I'm waiting to release my plugin till i have sqlite working and since its known to be bugged well.... yeah. LOL.
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    And me - I am attempting to learn to use databases and this would be of tremendous help to me :p Otherwise I'll have to carry on my struggle with MySQL or turn to flatfiles :L Thanks! (Also if you could quote my post if and when you do get an update out so I can find out ASAP!) :D
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    UPDATE: I've finished committing all prior versions of the library here: https://github.com/PatPeter/SQLibrary

    I'll update GitHub with the working version in about an hour, I have to go AFK.
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    Okay, Thanks.
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    What problems are you and everyone else getting with the current download?
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    Lagg problems, but that was with the old libary. (I heard things about Main Server Thread??)
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    MySQL or SQLite? Test it with the GitHub version.
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    MySQL, But nevermind, created my own MySQL connection things xd
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    Are you still receiving this error? If you are, make sure to close your results when you finish with them.

    Is it working now?

    Hmm, I may have possibly not added a method that allows you to actually execute prepared methods, will look into.

    The video is outdated for a very old version of the library.

    First post.

    You mean threaded?

    He's probably running the most up-to-date copy, I'll have to tell him to update it when I fix these bugs.

    I'm working on a fix for the retry methods, hopefully I'll push it this weekend.

    It's on the first post of this thread now.


    Download is up. Report any bugs.

    Message quoted. Start testing!
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    Woo! Will do! :D
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    If you released a new version then I haven't tested it. Did you attempt to fix it so TOP works, and would I be able to use TOP and a Sort?

    If you didn't release a new version then like I said I just didn't use TOP.
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    Been messing around with it and it seems pretty bugless ;) Thanks! :D This has made SQLite soooo much easier :D
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    Hey I'm probably noobing out here, but my query(String query) method in the SQLite.java file only contains the case SELECT and not any other types of query :L Is that correct? If so how would I, for example, use DELETE or INSERT, especially as the query(...) method is "public ResultSet query(...)" so... help! Thanks D:

    public ResultSet query(String query) {
    Connection connection null;
    Statement statement null;
    ResultSet result null;
            try {
    connection this.open();
    statement connection.createStatement();
                switch (
    this.getStatement(query)) {
    result statement.executeQuery(query);
    //I just added this but it is probably wrong!
                    /*case DELETE:
                        return null;*/
            } catch (
    SQLException ex) {
                if (
    ex.getMessage().toLowerCase().contains("locking") || ex.getMessage().toLowerCase().contains("locked")) {
    } else {
    this.writeError("Error at SQL Query: " ex.getMessage(), false);
    EDIT!!! HOW DID I MISS THAT?! I completely ignored the default case ¬.¬ Sorry - Its 2am and I have had a rough day ;)
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    Oh, I was going to ask you to restate your question, but I understand what you mean now. If you could, could you copy and paste the error when you use TOP? Without the error I can't help much.

    Also try this for limiting a query:

    SELECT * FROM `table` LIMIT 0, 10
    Make sure to close your result sets properly or you'll lock your tables and I haven't released a fix (it will crash your server).

    So would it be two queries running threaded that you want, or a query and the main part of your plugin?

    I'm just glad it's working.
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    Can you please un-private your Youtube explenation? I would be greatly indepted, wiki etc says its very good... So I want to watch it...
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    Query and the main part of my plugin. :D
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    Firstly, it isn't my YouTube video, so I cannot. Secondly, you can ask me anything about installing the library or SQL in general and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

    I think you have to do that on your end of the code don't you? The library should work fine in a thread synchronous with the main thread of your plugin.
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