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    We need a custom leveling plugin. Here's the basic idea.

    -Once a player reaches a certain amount of playing hours, they can purchase (with in game money) a level. Each level requires a higher amount of playing hours and more money to buy. For example: Once a player has 5 hours of playing time, they can purchase Level 1 for 5000$. At 10 hours they can purchase level 2 for 15000$, at 18 hours they can purchase level 3 for 25000$, etc.

    -The level will show up as a prefix after their usual rank. Example,
    [Player] [1] Floydrose
    [Donator] [12] Weeblewobble

    -The players should have access to a command that allows them to view their total playing hours and how many more hours they need until the next level.

    -If possible, admin commands that allow us to add/remove hours, set levels, etc.

    -The levels need to be compatible with permissions (GroupManager) so that certain perms can be applied to specific levels.

    - The plugin should not grant hours to players that are AFK.

    Plugins We Use:
    Economy: Essentials Economy
    Permissions: Group Manager

    Add me on Skype (floydrose543) if you want more details/info.

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    Any takers? We would REALLY appreciate this plugin.
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    Still nobody? This plugin would be excellent for survival servers. When a player has something to strive for (bring high level), they are likely to stay longer and participate more.
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    Hate to bump the thread, but I have been unsuccessful in finding somebody that can make this for us. Add me on skype if you want to discuss specifics. Floydrose543
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    First of all, theres no need to make more plugins, combining other plugins will do what you want.

    Plugin Required:
    - Time is money
    - Group purchasing plugin

    Configure TimeIsMoney to how you want it, and make a sign like this.. (may depend on plugin).


    The formats of the plugins are unknown as I have never used one, but I've seen them being use in-game.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't think you guys read my request fully.
    I don't want them to rank up by kills.
    That plugin only ranks players up when they have the money, not the playing hours.
    I don't want the players to earn money through playing time. The players need to earn the money themselves and then have the required hours to reach the next level.

    I have done my research, and my plugin idea does not exist.
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    Found another one:

    MasterPromote ( http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/masterpromote/pages/promote-after-time/ )
    And any permissions plugin...

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