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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Legoman

    What I want: This plugin will allow you to become a legoman! By typing /lego you enter legoman mode. When in legoman mode:

    • You have 4 hearts.
    • You wear gold armour.
    • When you break plants, the skeleton death sound plays and they drop a few golden nuggets (if possible fortune will give more gold nuggets)
    • When hurt you make the skeleton hurt sound effects
    • On death, you only drop your gold nuggets. Your inventory is lost.
    • If you kill mobs or players, they will drop a "heart" which is a rose red dye. When picked up it heals 1 heart (like in the lego video games)
    • Mobs drop a few gold nuggets (if possible looting will give more gold nuggets)
    • You are immune to fall damage.
    This is mainly for a minigame I want to create, but many other people may want this on their servers for fun :D

    Note: Do not worry about having to code arenas for the plugin, I can do that myself using command blocks ;)

    Edit: If possible, could players only drop 25% of their gold nuggets, but looting makes them drop 25% more per level?
    This would work perfect, as Looting 3 (the max) would drop all the gold nuggets, and looting could be an "upgrade" in a store like in the lego video games.

    Ideas for commands: /lego <player>

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: This plugin is quite complex, so I will not expect a release at hyperspeed. Take your time, don't rush the plugin :)
  2. I am going to try!
    How many golden nuggets should drop when you destroy the flowers? (and also how many on which level of looting?)
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    3 should be good :)
  4. does the inventory need to change or something?
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    Nope, however armour worn will be replaced with the gold armour.
  6. okay!

    progress so far:
    The command, the sound on damage, the four hart part, the fall damage immune thing. For some odd reason the blockbreakevent doesn't call on the break of the flower, so that is going to be a struggle, but I am going to finish it!

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    Woah, that was quicker than I though! Thanks.
  8. I added the feature of dropping nuggets when you destroy a flower, but have to add the thing with the fortune, and a randomizer if it does 2 or 3
    Edit: added randomizer, things left: the drops on death, the encahntment things, and the kill mobs and then they drop different stuff and I dont know if it matters, but when the server reloads, you are dis-legomanned :s
    edit: I will maybe finish it tomorrow, or maybe not, but by friday it will be done!
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    I don't 100% need the enchantments, they would just be nice. So if you have problems making them, you don't have to make them ;)

    Also the reload glitch doesn't matter :D
  10. chilbree
    Okay, I will post it on bukkitDev, but for now I will just make a version without enchantment stuff, and later on add them.
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    Thanks! I will use this on my server. I wasn't expecting a plugin that quick.
  12. I am almost done, just the pickup +1 hart thing!

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Little notice: for now, you get health if you pick up any type of dye (including incsacs) but I will fix that in a moment
    BukkitDev page

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    Wow, cool plugin ! Thanks for making it man and nice idea ! :) I will look into trying this on my server !
  14. DailyPvP
    It is not completeley done! (Because if you pick up any type of dye, you will get a heart, so that isn't completeley done, but it wont take long)
    nvm, fixed it!

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