Leaves not decaying + Sapplings/Wheat not growing

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tomnicklin, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Im using the latest Bukkit Dev build for 1.2.2 and I wiped my ENTIRE server and started with a fresh minecraft_server.jar and Added the latest craftbukkit.jar So I am on a completey clean server, and when I destroy a tree the leaves dont decay and when I plant sapplings they dont grow Ever I waited 10 day cycles or make sure, Also crops dont grow, Is this a know issues?
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    I have the same problem. Nothing seems to update, be it leaves or crops.
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    same here. I was using a tree mod that takes care of it on its own, but after removing the mod, nothing deteriorates. Nothing ever grows reguardless.
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    seems to be fixed now, one of the build mentions fixing leaf decay and testing confirms shit's growing again!
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    piney We're still having that same problem on my server. Can you give me a link for the build notes? I've been looking into this problem for a few days and so far you're my best lead. :)
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    I too have been fighting with this problem....I'm using #2040 and it's still not growing....
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    using #2052 and leaves not decaying, crops taking forever to grow(and only do so when player is nowhere near them)
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    Having the same issues with 2060. Wish I could figure out what the cause is.
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    O good to hear. Thanks for the info.
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    I've been suffering this exact issue using GB 2063 and SpoutPlugin 920. I just updated to SpoutPlugin 963 and I fully confirm that the leaf-decay & grass not spreading issues have been fixed. Case closed :D
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