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    I am looking for a plugin for "my" technic server which could learn players recipes. When a newbie comes to server, he won´t be able to craft everything- he will have to learn them first- using books/maps (scheme) which could be found in only specific zones, and could be used only once.

    If plugin like this exists, please tell me, if not, somebody could make it :)
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    Why can't they use NEI on "Recipe Mode" ?
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    You didn´t get it right :). The player won´t be able to craft it until he learns that recipe, so when he tries to craft for example diamond armor, it just won´t work. By reading the book(scheme) he will be able to craft that thing.
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    Like if you were find scrolls, or plans in dungeons forexample. I like the idea, you get a diamond [diamond] :D.

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